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Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Two

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Two
You most likely will want to check out PART ONE of this blog post, so that today's post will make more sense.  This is a series of three blog posts on bright white light and NDE or Near Death Experiences.  In this case, it is about my own experiences with NDE. 

The next thing I was consciously aware of was opening my eyes to the doctor bringing the paddles down upon my exposed chest to bring me back to life.  I still remember looking up at him and speaking clearly, what's going on?  He looked surprised and so was I.  This was the only point that I remember speaking so clearly and with so much ease during the entire ordeal.  However, the room that was now full of so many people and equipment was quickly emptying.  No one seemed to want to speak about what had happened and the doctor that was performing this test was no longer present.  After questioning everyone what was going on and being met with silence, one nurse finally spoke softly into my ear after most of the people had exited the room.  She told me that they thought I was gone. 

It was so confusing to me, because while I knew I was not present on the exam table, I knew I had been watching from above the room.  I had seen them frantically working on me. This may sound strange, but it is very clear in my mind, even to this day. The ceiling on the exam room seemed to not be there as I watched all of these people trying to help me.  It was then that I noticed this very bright white light.  It was such an intense light that did not hurt my eyes or frighten me.  I felt very safe, warm, and attracted to it.  While I don't remember anyone speaking to me, I somehow knew or it was transmitted to my mind that it was not my time to leave this earth.  I would be going back to my body as I had much left to finish in my life.  The other piece of information that seemed to become aware to me was that my condition was somehow tied together with past experiences and it was necessary for me to make that connection in order to heal myself.

The next day, I would see a psychologist by the name of Dr. Brad Diner and I remember being questioned about things from my past that I had been through.  While I could offer no specifics at that point, I knew deep down that I had been through things too horrible to think about.  I knew that this connection was important and in fact on that day, I took my first steps in physical therapy.  After several weeks of not being able to walk, I was able to sit up in bed and take a couple of steps.  It was no coincidence in my mind that these two things happened together like this. 

I always called this experience, a major reboot in life.  It was like rebooting a computer where you take all systems down in order to unfreeze a program that is locking you up.  This is a highly emotional thing I am sharing, because I had no  one to really talk to about this experience and it was one of those events that is so hard to articulate, especially in that moment.

It was many years later before I would connect the bright white light experience.  I still remember sitting in the treatment room with a very gifted healer.  At the end of the session, I could not help but notice how bright it was in the room.  In my mind, I tried to rationalize what was going on and thinking the healer left the overhead fluorescent lights on.  When I opened my eyes at the end, I saw that these lights were not on, and in fact the room was darkened.  The light I saw that day was the same bright white light I saw the day in the hospital when I had left my body.  It took me a long time to piece those points together because I had no way to consciously make sense of it. (continued in PART THREE on 3/15/13).


This is PART TWO of a three part series on the bright white light of my NDE (Near Death Experience).  Come back on 3/15/13 for PART THREE, a continuation of this blog post.

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If you want to learn more about some of my own experiences, check out my first book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly

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