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Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Three

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Three
Please read PART ONE of this blog post series so that this current blog post will make sense. 

About a year ago, I was going through another healing session which was one of major transformation for me on that day and it was not easy.  When the healer had left the room for a moment, I felt these hands lifting my head, shoulder and body in ways that supported what was happening in this moment.  I just figured, it was an assistant or two in the room who had been left in the room to help me.  It was like they knew exactly where to touch and what needed to happen. 

When the healer came back into the room, I questioned him as to who else was in the room.  He replied, that there is no one.  I said to him, "But I felt the hands of other people under me" and he just replied, you were picking up the angelic realm.  At first I thought "is this true?".  Then, the session progressed along into a deeper level and all of the sudden the temperature changes went from one extreme to another and the room got so bright, that with my eyes closed, the light was too much for me.  It was flooding me so hard that I begged this healer to turn down the lights.  Little did I realize or think about it at the time, the room was darkened.  There was very little light on in the room.  I was not seeing the actual light in the room, but again, the bright white light I saw in the hospital.

There have been other times that I have seen this and I am very sensitive to light.  I cringe when people take me into meditations that require me to focus on the white light within us.  If they are grounded and understand what those words mean, it is one thing.  However, most people do not fully understand what the bright white light is and how it impacts someone who has see it in a near death experience.

While I've tried to explain some of these things to the best of my ability, there is much more that I sense, pick up, feel, and am aware of, but it is so hard to articulate these things.  I am still frightened by them because I do not fully understand them.  I am not frightened from the things I pick up as much as I am by my lack of conscious understanding.  It isn't easy to make sense out of all of this.  I know my journey through this life has been a difficult one and slowly but surely, I am seeing all the parts of it come together. 

It helps me greatly to know, sense, feel, and see that the angels are with me.  At one time, I thought I was crazy because of this and I was afraid to tell others, but now I know it is as real as my existence in life.  I'm no longer concerned with what others believe in these things, because they have not had the experiences I have had.  It is up to them to become aware of a greater consciousness that operates within each one of us.  If we do that, we become human in the highest potential and by doing this, we become acquainted with who we are as spiritual beings in a human body.  Any other choice, holds us back in life from discovering our full potential. 

One day, I hope to be able to go back and read the records from my hospital stay and clarify some of the details that were taking place.  For now, I have to rely upon my memory (which was not functioning well at that time) to frame the experiences I went through.  There are most likely details I have omitted and maybe some that were different than actual events, but without corroboration, I struggle to do any more than what I have done here.  I struggle to find the way to explain something that is next to impossible to describe.  Mere words fail in this endeavor.


This is PART THREE of a three part series on the bright white light of my NDE (Near Death Experience).  The beginning of this series can be found on 3/12/13, PART ONE.

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If you want to learn more about some of my own experiences, check out my first book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly


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