Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ten Ways To Get Along With People

Ten Ways To Get Along With People
This is paraphrasing something I got from a class the other day but I thought it was very good.  If nothing else, hopefully it will make someone stop and think.  Maybe it will even help a person change some of their habits.  Remember, if we want others to change around us, we must first begin with ourselves.

1)  When speaking to others, less is more.  If you engage in a lower and persuasive voice, others will hear you more plainly.  How you say something to others is more important sometimes than what you say.

2)  Keep promises that you make, but take great care when you make them.

3)  Always take the opportunity to say a kind and encouraging word to someone or about somebody.  It will pay dividends in many ways and in so many different levels.

4)  Be interested in others and let them feel just how you regard them as a person of importance in your life.

5)  Be cheerful and happy, but be real.  Don't be a depressing burden on others, because some times they may be struggling in life harder than you know or realize.

6)  Keep an open mind while discussing various topics with others and learn to discuss without arguing.

7)  Discourage gossip and don't partake in this practice yourself.

8)  Take into consideration the feelings of others.

9)  Let go of bad remarks made against you, for often they say much more about the individual making them, then they say about you.

10)  Forget about yourself and let others remember your successes.

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