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Pure Love Doesn't Talk Bad About Others

Pure Love Doesn't Talk Bad About Others
I was reading some comments made on an issue that people felt strongly about on a site.  The issue which I'm not going to focus on in this blog post was made on a site that is heavily influenced by the topic of angels.  While I don't agree with all of the comments, one in particular stood out and reminded me of prayer meetings in churches.

In this comment, the individual had talked about a person who they felt were responsible for the issue being discussed.  Unfortunately the comments degraded into a personal attack on this individual that was referenced.  The comment became highly inappropriate.  In the last part of their comment, it stated, "I urge us all to send her love and light and hope she can help heal the influences on her and those around her.  God Bless."

While that comment may sound like a nice thing, what this individual said before that was anything but nice or understanding or full of love and light.  My first thought was that we need to send this individual making these comments, love and light.  The person these comments were directed towards will most likely never read them, but I am a firm believer that whatever we say or think does have its ramifications upon the universe, even if these things are not heard directly.  I personally feel the individual on this site was out of line, but that is something they will have to deal with in their own life.

Growing up in churches, I saw prayer meetings become nothing more than the proliferation of gossip.  Generally speaking, when you left a prayer meeting, you knew everything that was going on in the church community.  Often, the details of these things were much like the comments referenced above or were details that most people did not need to hear.  Boundary violations were common place all in the name of sending love and light to them in the form of praying for these people.

It bothers me that we as humans elevate ourselves so high above others and we invoke our own egos to view those around us.  If we truly understood what love and light means, whether it be from the angels or from God, then we would not behave in this way.  In fact, I think these things are more indicative of who we are as individuals, rather than what someone else may or may not be.  At the least, it is judgmental and when you judge, there is an absence of love.

Pure love doesn't talk bad about others and it doesn't put others down.  Pure love accepts people as if they are whole, not as if they are flawed.  It is one of the things lacking in our world today.  We need to learn how to stop talking bad about others and instead see them through the eyes of pure love.  In fact, we may need to start doing this with ourselves first, so that we can then offer it to the world.

The next time you find yourself talking bad about others, try to stop yourself and ask where is this coming from.  Is it coming from your own pain and experiences in life, or is there some other reason fueling it.  See it through the light of the big picture in the world and see if it measures up to this level.  Most of all, let your heart open up to the situation rather than your ego, because when you do this, you will be connecting with pure love.  We can all be much more than we are, but it takes a conscious effort to lift ourselves and the world up, not just tear them down.

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