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Mystical Means You Don't Get It

Mystical Means You Don't Get It - Buck - New York Times
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A Horse To Nirvana
(New York Times
I read a recent article where they described a very conscious and aware individual, Buck, in a way that really misses the point.  In fact, they described Buck Brannaman as a mystical person and to me, this could not be further from the truth.  When humans don't understand things, they tend to classify them as mystical or make up all kinds of stories to explain the unknown.

It is easier to live in a world that isn't really based upon reality, than to really understand what is going on.  To understand what is happening means one has to become more conscious and aware in their own life.  Often that takes the willingness to travel deep into one's own consciousness and soul to truly discover who we are and what makes us human.  Many either don't have the courage to do this, or they just don't have the desire to travel to these depths.

All too often, we make up stories and we chase mystical, religious, and new age beliefs attempting to explain all that we experience.  Sometimes, we don't fully understand what it is that we see and sense around us, but at least  we need to be real.  Let us open our eyes.  Yes, there are all types of things around us, but they are not the sum total of our humanness or our experience in this world.

We all live in an awareness that only lets us see the current dimension we experience.  However, there is much more out there that we are part of, if only we expand our consciousness and awareness.  I'm not talking about new age concepts, but truly going deep within and connecting the mind and body together to discover the core essence of your being.  It is about traveling into and through the pain of life, uncovering layer after layer as you travel deeper to your core.

When I hear people talk about mystical things, it isn't that they don't have these experiences they are describing, but so often they just don't get it!  Life isn't about living in the mystical, but living in the present moment and experiencing all that is there.  Life is about understanding and observing more than we currently see, and not stopping on our journey within until we are no longer on this earth plane.

If you think you have life figured out, more than likely you are living in a false sense of reality.  It is only when you see that you don't have life figured out, that you are living in the possibility of greater awareness and consciousness.  Life is more than the mystical.  Life is much more than we are seeing as a member of this world-wide community.

Buck Brannaman is one of the few people I know that truly gets this and understands it.  He sees into life, what most people miss.  It is there for everyone, not just a few, but few have traveled into this awareness.  I'm glad Buck is a person that lives in reality, because it clearly shows that he understands how you can travel through your own pain and be a more conscious individual making a difference in the world.

Check out the movie documentary "BUCK" that details his life and work.
A must see!  (DVD)

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  1. I've seen Buck's film, and he gets it. Unfortunately... most people don't.






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