Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Wake Up World

Let's Wake Up World
More and more these days I find myself shaking my head at the inhabitants of this planet.  It seems like everyone is fast asleep, waiting for some unknown point in the future for things to get better.  It seems that many are so asleep that they only live in a world of fantasy, make believe, and the feel good drugs of happy thoughts, new age monuments, and religious fanaticism. 

Before you go pointing the finger at everyone else or some other religion and practice outside of yourself, stop right there!  I'm talking to everyone, not just everyone else that isn't reading this blog post.  If that makes you uncomfortable or you find yourself thinking I've gone off the deep end, you're right at the spot you need to be.  Don't stop reading now - keep going because I'm going to attempt to explain this and hopefully I don't fail miserably.

We need to wake up world and I don't mean through a revolution or anything like that.  It isn't meant to be a feel good thought or a rah rah moment.  It doesn't mean that you need to increase your meditation practice by the factor of four, nor does it mean you need to be seeing angels, past lives, and having religious experiences.  While all of these things may be part of it, it has nothing to do with how awake you are in this universe.  If you think it does, I hate to break the news to you that it doesn't.

What I refer to when I say "Let's Wake Up World" is to get off your backside and begin to do the work you need to do on yourself.  Yes, this applies to me because I sometimes get complacent.  Expecting everyone around you or in the country or the world to change is not the way to wake up.  Expecting everyone else around you to come into your belief system will not get you there either.  The only way to wake up the world is by waking yourself up first and most people aren't even close to being at that point.  We only give the illusion that we have already arrived at this place!

When you wake up yourself, you begin traveling into the depths of your own consciousness and awareness.  It is the point where you begin to evolve from the beliefs that you hold on to and question everything in existence around you.  It is the point where you begin to dig deep into what makes you human, while accepting no make belief answers as the truth.  It is the point where you start to question truth until you can claim from the mountaintop that you have experienced this truth within your own mind, body, and soul.

We all spend way too much time in our heads thinking we have found nirvana or feeling enlightened, but we miss the most important aspect of all, the connection to the body.  So many people go through life thinking that if they have some out of body experience or something mystical happen, that they indeed have arrived.  Unfortunately this is so far from the truth, it would take a million light-years to explain. 

Instead of trying to wake up the world, begin by waking up yourself.  If you think you've already done that, let me knock you off the pedestal that you have put yourself on and come back to reality.  Waking up is not an end point, it is a process.  You don't wake up all at once, you evolve!  As you evolve in awareness and consciousness, you become acquainted with all that you are and all that you do not understand at this moment.  Anything less than this is where we are not human.

I get so frustrated with this subject because I want to be united with others that understand what it means to grow and evolve, not hide away in fantasy land.  It is fine to dream.  It is find to see and experience the mystical side of life, but if we live in that arena devoid of reality, we have lost ourselves in this journey.  It is time for people to begin waking up and it is time for this process to begin in people at their core level.

Until we choose to travel within and find the truth as it applies to our life, not by some mystical experience, but by the grounding of it in our body, will we begin to understand what it means to be human.  Life is much more than we know.  It is much more than confusing a moment of relaxation as something many equate to energy or peace.  Peace is much more than the sum of this.  Peace that comes from deep within the tissues of our body and connects to our mind will wake us up quicker than any other experience we will have.

It is time for us to wake up.  It is time for us to shed the fantasy land of our lives and begin to uncover that which is real and that which is founded upon truth.  When you experience this truth within your body while connected to your mind, you will know without a doubt that this is real.  The mind and body know what is true and even though we as humans attempt to fake ourselves into that which is not, you can't fool the consciousness of the mind.

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