Friday, March 22, 2013

Personal Reflections

Personal Reflections
Sometimes I really wonder about humanity.  I see people behaving in ways that makes me wonder if they truly understand what it means to be human.  The vengeance, hatred, ill-tempered remarks that are thrown around like a plentiful supply of bombs, is not how I picture humanity.

Its almost like we have to agree with one another or we become the enemy.  I see it all the time posted on social media sites like Facebook and twitter.  Instead of discussing ideas and finding common ground, we as humans in this world are hurling knives at one another through our words.

It is so sad what we have become.  I still believe that we have brighter days ahead and I still believe that we as humans can rise above the pettiness of our days.  We focus on things that are far too insignificant, while closing our eyes in slumber to those that are.

We can all continue to point the finger at one another and shred each others dignity to pieces all in the name of power, control, and greed.  It will do nothing to build us up as humans in this universe of possibilities.  Instead, we may want to see how we can find the common good in our fellow man and foster its growth.

It is not up to the media, the politicians, our parents, partners, or religious leaders.  The choice to treat one another in a way that is uplifting begins with what we do and say to each other.  More importantly, this act of compassion and kindness and respect to the world begins within our own life.  For if we cannot demonstrate these things to our self, how then can we offer them to all those around us in a day and to the world at large?

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