Saturday, February 18, 2012

There Is No Coming To Consciousness Without Pain

Often we want to go the easy route in life when we experience pain and hurt.  It is so easy to just want to hide, run, flee and avoid everything that appears to be painful or difficult.  It is human nature to do this.  It is the nature of the ego to do this.  However, if you want to find peace and deep healing, avoidance will not get you very far.

The image at the top of this post says it so clearly that there is no consciousness without pain.  Yet, we try avoid it and we try to medicate it or act as if it is not there.  We go to great lengths as humans to not face themselves.  If you doubt what I say, just look at what we do today when it comes to pain and hurt.  We head to the doctors, beg for medications, and consider alternative therapies to get rid of the pain.  Yet, in the end, these are only band-aids for a gushing wound, if we don't go within and touch our innermost soul of the mind body connection.

I know first hand how true these words are.  For many years, I learned how to avoid everything around me.  I did not know how to feel and I did not know how to connect my mind and body together.  All I knew to do was to hide within myself, stuffing my feelings, my stress and my pains deep inside.  I was a master at disguise, not showing the outside world just how much hell I was living through.  I excelled at disconnecting my mind and body from all my experiences until one day when it caught up to me.

Since that time, I have learned a great deal about going into the pain.  By going into the pain, I find the consciousness of truth for myself.  It is when I touch that innermost part of my soul, that I become more aware of who I am, not who my ego claims I am.  When I go deep within, through the fears, insecurities, despair and anxiety, it is then that I find a peace like nothing else I have ever experienced.

It is time for us as a human species to awaken and put aside all that gives us the illusion of enlightenment and healing.  These things do not come from outside sources.  They come from within us.  They come from connecting our mind, body, and soul together as one, as we embrace our fears, rather than run from them.  This comes from connecting and reclaiming all parts of our body as our body attempts to get our attention.  It is not about avoiding or getting rid of the pain in life, but of embracing and learning from the pain.

To get rid of the pain, one must travel within.  To travel within, one will become aware.  As we become aware, so will we find the consciousness of who we are and enjoy the peace of our soul.

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  1. Recognizing the different between the illusion of healing or enlightenment and actual healing or enlightenment is tricky. I agree - we, as a human race, need to become more self-aware and take a journey into our own inner selves, but I suspect many believe they find healing or enlightenment within themselves without actually finding it. The illusion can be extremely powerful because our mind doesn't want to face pain - exactly as you said.

    Another thought-provoking post, Don...

  2. @JavelinWarrior - This is something I have lived personally and when I read this, it was like, wow - the image states it so correctly. I used to run from all these things and it was when I finally found out that running from it was not getting anywhere, everything changed. Like you said, it is difficult for people in a human body to go within - I've struggled with that for many years and still do.

  3. Wonderful post! I hope it is okay that I shared a portion of your post at The Peace Manifesto on Facebook. I cited you and shared a link to this post.

    You can see post here:


    Crystal Glenn
    The Peace Manifesto

    1. Thank you for sharing this and I'm glad it touched you deeply.






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