Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do Something Special With Leap Year Day

Leap Year

While I know we really don't get another day in life, the way the calendar is aligned, there is an extra day this year. It is leap year! I'm amused by it and think it gives us an extra day to do something special in life. We could all take a day and think about our impact on the world.

There is a site that explains more about Leap Year at if you want to learn and understand more. I can only wonder what it is like for someone who was born on February 29 and technically only gets to celebrate a birthday once every four years.

Anyway, I thought I would just write a lighthearted blog post today because I find leap year to be cool. It just makes me stop and think about time and how we either use it to our benefit or we waste it. It helps me stop and think about what I do with the time I have been given.

I hope this days is a special day to you where you focus on what really matters in the time you have been given. Have fun with the day if that is appropriate for you, but also give a time of reflection.

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  1. I love the idea of doing something special on Feb 29th of a leap year - this puts me in mind of a number of things I could be doing. Like cleaning house or doing my taxes. But those don't really feel so special =)

    1. I love embracing each moment and just welcoming it in. Yep, I've got the taxes to finish. I'm just enjoying a less stress filled day and focusing on my "time" ahead.






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