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Enjoy The Resistance In Life

Enjoy The Resistance
In Life

At one time, I thought I was doomed forever and that life would always suck.  I figured that I was sentenced to a life of despair.  Yes, I knew I was resisting so much in life, but because of my home grown fears, I knew no other way to deal with all of it.  It had become my best friend in life - you know the beloved and hated twin.

All too often though, I see other healers want to rid people of their resistance (or pain and suffering) to situations in life and almost look at resistance being a negative entity.  While noble in their efforts, I think most healers and helpful people are missing the mark.  In fact, I think if anything happens, the healer should help encourage the person to enjoy the resistance in life that they experience.

You might think I'm totally nuts here, but think about this for a moment and then I'll follow up with an example from my own life.  The resistance is there for a reason and it is there to most likely help learn some truth for our life or discover something we need to see.  It may also be there for us to fully understand some condition that others are going through so that we can help them climb out of the dark pit they are currently residing in.  Most often, we do not know what is behind the resistance and so if we treat it as something we need to take away, we may be doing that person a disservice.

In my own life's example, I ran for years from all that I had endured.  Granted, it was horrible to experience and I would not wish it on anyone.  However, it is part of my life's experience and I believe it is part of the reason I am on this earth.  Please don't underestimate how difficult it is for me to begin comprehending the words I just wrote.  It has taken many years to begin understanding this part of my life.  If someone would have told me this years ago, I would have probably punched them a good one!

Yet, the resistance to all that I had been through took me to the point of being hospitalized and essentially where my brain was shutting down.  In fact at one point, the doctors were trying to bring me back.  I resisted all of this to the point of no longer being a part of life.  It was through this resistance, that I got to the lowest point in life and had to being to let go, in order to find my way back in to life.

If I would have been taken out of the process of resistance in life, I am not sure I would have had the courage and strength to recover.  I needed the resistance to give me the fuel to continue my healing in that moment and for the years ahead.  None of my recovery was simple nor was it easy, and yet this deepest and darkest moment of life was my fuel to make it happen.

It was at the moment that I let go and gave up resistance that I found in my life.  When I began to enjoy or give into the resistance, that is when everything changed.  Was it easy - HELL NO!  Was it crucial - HELL YES!

It was a process and every part of it was necessary for the next part.  I could not see that in those moments and sometimes I am sure there were many people frustrated with me in my process.  Now as I begin to experience other people who have gone through some of those physical moments that I did, I can tell you without a doubt, that I have to draw upon that fuel and that strength from my own resistance.  Otherwise, the pain that touches my innermost core from being there for others, takes a great deal of strength and courage from me.  It can easily become like a tidal wave slamming me into the shore.

We can go through life struggling with whatever issue we face and we can fight it all the way.  We can get down upon ourselves or cast our statements of condescension on others, telling others that we know the way through.  Yet, what we need to allow is that we embrace where we are in this moment and enjoy the resistance in life.  I know it is hard.  I know it is difficult.  However, when you meet yourself and your core, that's when you will find your life.  It would be nice if there was some other way to make all the pain and suffering go away, but as the song says, if I would have missed the pain, I would have missed the dance.  May we all dance to life in the moment we are in, embracing every piece of it that we currently hold in our day.  It is through the dance that we learn to enjoy the resistance in life.

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