Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have You Had Your Miracle Today?

Miracles Are Everywhere

While I would love to claim the following thoughts as my own, they come from reading Chapter 14 (page 177) from the book, You Are The Answer by Michael Tamura.  Some of these things about miracles, I have never heard stated in the way that he presented them.  I'm going to attempt to share and paraphrase them in my own words with how they impact my own learning and thought process.  As I look back to an earlier post on October 6, 2010, I can see just how far I have come in my understanding.

Miracles are extraordinary, but who defines what ordinary is. Think about this for a moment because what may be ordinary to me, might not be ordinary to someone else.  It is all relative through our own eyes and the experiences we have come to know in our own life. The beginning of miracles means wonderful which I find to be absolutely amazing.  I love it when words say what they mean and there could be no more perfect way to look at a miracle, but to see it as something wonderful.

As children we get out of bed in the morning ready to face the busy day of play time, imaginary lands and creativity with an endless energy.  No one can tell us what is believable and what is not.  In fact, the entire world is an open canvass to us with absolutely no rules to dictate which colors we can use.   As a child, we have not learned the invalidation of others or their ideas and thoughts or the competition we must engage with to make it in life.

We learn to survive in a world full of competition, greed and selfishness where sometimes the only thought is for adults getting ahead, rather than focusing on their purpose they came into this life.  As we grow older, we learn from adults that we are not enough and by example, we learned to deny ourselves those magical moments we bring into this world as children.  We learn to compare ourselves with others for approval, love and acceptance.  Soon, we have lost sight of the innocence of a child who sees past the limitations of the adult world.

Unfortunately when it comes to seeing miracles happen around us, we have closed ourselves off from this world in order to live in the world we inhabit with other adults.  We have lost the life force of magical creation, amazement and wonder in exchange for being part of society.  Miracles no longer catch our attention, because our perception has been altered by those who know best.

Our perception makes us decide to see something that's a miracle.  Even though the intellect of our mind and body cannot explain it, our soul understands.  We may no longer be conscious enough to understand or see these things, but it does not mean that they fail to exist.

Some miracles shake us to the core of who we are and others often happen without any notice on our part.  Miracles though help remind us that we are not alone and that we came into this world with a purpose to accomplish.  We are part of a bigger picture.

I find it sad though that as we mature and we experience life, too many times we shut down the feelings and energy of our heart.  When we do this, we cannot love or feel love.  We see ourselves undeserving of love in our life.  However, when we open our hearts up, we relate to others and to life through love.  It creates an experience that connects to magical moments in our childhood.

Often humans want miracles to heal some part of their  life or take them out of their despair.  Many times, these situations come along to help teach us and bring us to a greater truth.  If we deny these things, than we are giving up the opportunity to claim the truths for our life that we so need and desire.  Too many people focus on taking away the painful moments of life, but what if instead of doing that, we helped the others to learn to heal their own mind, body and spirit?  What would the experience of that outcome give to the person?  I would suggest to you, that it would a more long term solution that would change the person's life for the future.  It would help them to discover their own awareness and consciousness.

Miracles just don't happen to you by some luck of the draw or some chance.  You can't be a helpless whining victim expecting the seas to part.  You must be ready to receive them through an open heart of love that wants to understand the truths for your life.  When you are fully conscious in life, life becomes consciousness.

We often lose site of our purpose and sometimes it takes alot to wake us up in life.  Sometimes humans go through most of their life trying to wake up to these truths and purpose.  It often requires courage, but courage does not necessarily mean there are no fears present, only that you choose to experience love in the face of fear.

The more we choose courage with love in the face of fear, the more our fears shrink.  As our fears shrink, it gives us greater courage to surrender to new truths in our life and peel additional layers of the onion.  Generally, it takes a time of searching our self for truths deep within us, to receive miracles into our life.  If we ask to participate in the drama of life and then be prepared to dance, we will experience life in ways we may no longer believe is possible.

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