Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yesterday Does Not Dictate Tomorrow

Corey says yesterday does
not dictate tomorrow!

All too often we go through life carrying the emotional baggage of pains we have faced in our life from one day to the next day. Sometimes we are aware of this taking place and other times, we act as if our baggage is invisible. Many times we feel that we have dumped the baggage along the way, only to discover that we are still clinging to it.

Until we realize that we are carrying the baggage of yesterday, into the future of tomorrow, we'll never truly find our self. For if we keep carrying this baggage, then well become tired and weary as we struggle along. While we may attempt to convince our self and others that we have made it, there is a good chance that if we look at our hands, we'll see them clasped around our emotional pains.

We don't have to let yesterday dictate our tomorrow. In fact, we have the option at any time of growing and evolving through the painful emotions we once experienced. It is all up each one of us individually to do this. It is important to note that this is a process that unfolds with time, not a one time magic moment that makes everything disappear.

In the book I wrote, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma (Don Shetterly), on page 36 is Our Life's Storybook, one of my favorite places in the book.  It is something that so helped me in life. It was so easy for me at the time to see my life being messed up and that choices I had made were going to decide my future. It took this story to help me understand that yesterday does not dictate tomorrow.

We all have the ability to go in and write whatever we want to in the storybook of our life. We can choose the colors, words, images, thoughts, feelings or people we want. We can choose not to include those things that are no longer helpful to us. The choice is all up to us in what we do and how we live each day. One day does not determine the next, because no matter what you have gone through to this moment, you can heal and let go of those painful moments.

Living our life is never about one moment in time, but the progression through growth and evolution of awareness and consciousness. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment, but just remember that we can create each new moment in whatever way we choose. No moment or event from yesterday dictates our tomorrow unless we allow it to. We do have a choice, even if life feels hopeless. We do have a choice!

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  1. I know this isn't really related to your post and so I apologize, but your post did remind me that I miss writing and the resulting stories. I think that's what I enjoy most about writing - the ability to completely create a world as I imagine it. I am free to write my own story - which is often challenging to do in real life (although you're right, we should take the challenge and write our own story).

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder that I really do need to start writing again ;)

  2. @Javelin Warrior I love to write and if my fingers could keep up, I'd write 24 hours a day. It is so fun to create a world as we see it. In all reality, that's what we do in any given day. However, I understand what you're talking about here too. For me, I have found a perfect time in the morning where the words just flow.






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