Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are We Alone

Are We Alone
This may freak some people when they read this, but I feel it is important to share these things.  I have talked about them from time to time, but they just seem more important now for some reason.  There have been people in my life that have talked about UFO's and for the most part I dismissed them.  It wasn't that I disbelieved it as much as I was not ready to believe them.  I'm not sure if I am still ready to believe them or not.

Of course, many years ago there were things that I accept now which I vehemently denied.  In fact, a couple of times I stopped talking to people because I thought they were plain nuts, only to find out later that I was the one who was nuts!  I think for each of us, we have to determine what we accept as beliefs for our life and what we do not.  However, I will tell you that the more we hold on to some hard and fast belief, the more we need to really evaluate it because more than likely there is something we are blocking from our own conscious view.

Are we alone?  I don't know if I am qualified to answer that question.  However, there are many who claim to see things that the majority of us do not see.  I'm moving closer to the point of saying we are surrounded by other dimensions that we know very little about and that we allow our consciousness to connect to in our life.  In a short answer to this question, I don't think we are alone, but that is mostly my opinion and not based upon any hard evidence I can offer to you at this point.

I stumbled across a website today about UFO's.  Normally I would pay no attention to something like this, but today it caught my attention.  I'm still not sure why it did.  It really made me think and question and wonder about this entire topic that I tend to avoid.  In fact, this site gave some information that was very plausible and hard to deny.  There was a video posted today on YouTube about a UFO spotting in Miami which again caught my attention.

Recently I have had sightings of my own.   These aren't some objects in the sky, but things that I pick up around me. Actually they have been going on for some time now, but it seems like they are picking up in my life.  The other day I was at someone's house and out of the corner of my eyes I spotted some type of figure "walking" or "moving" quickly in the street past the house I was at.  When I took a second look, there was no one in sight and at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me until I realized that I saw what I saw.

There have been many times I have observed something in my car, almost sitting behind me to feeling like I was in a crowded room, when there were very few people.  I have had times in healing sessions when I have observed and seen figures sitting in the room, or I have felt my hands being guided and directed physically on a client.  I always called these my angels and that might be the appropriate word for some of it, but there seems like there is more than just my angels around me.

I remember not long ago that Oprah did a show with Jonas Elrod who could see all kinds of energy and figures and various other entities that most of us could not.  In many ways, it was strange and unusual what he saw, but it seemed very plausible to me.  It didn't seem that far fetched.  Now, I'm beginning to understand this much more than I did at that time.

In addition, I pick up sound frequencies that are not of this normal dimension we live in.  There have been times I have felt like I was in a large room with a million conversations going on.  It was not where I could make out what was being said, but there were so many people communicating.  At times, I pick up what I sort of refer to as radio static, especially in times where I am asking questions or searching for answers.  Lately these things have gotten very frequent and sometimes very intense.  I have had times when I have heard music playing when there was no music source close to me.  In fact, I hear music frequently.

So, the question I pose is this.  Are we alone?  If what I pick up is any indication, I don't think we are.  Of  course, I know this probably would freak out many people, but I also know I am not alone.  Others see and hear these things, but are probably like I have been, afraid to allow myself to go into this space.  It isn't that I am afraid of these things in life, but I am afraid of being classified or labeled as crazy.  It is hard to find someone to talk to that shares these same things and it is sometimes difficult to find grounded people that will use objectivity and reality, rather than just be taken in by the mystical woo woo.

If you experience anything like this, please either email me or better yet, comment at the end of this blog post.  I'm putting this out there to see what happens and who knows, it may bring together others with these same experiences.  The more we hide it, the more we'll never consciously connect, but if we expose these thing to the light of day, we will most likely empower ourselves and others.  I look forward to any response on this that is shared in a positive way.

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  1. I hear a background noise in my ears all of the time. If I focus on something else, it fades but is almost always there. I also experience moments where I seem to see something out of the corner of my eyes. This is relatively new and I attribute it to my getting older, and perhaps imagining that I see these things. Hope this helps!

  2. It is always interesting to hear what others experience too.






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