Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Final Thoughts On Unlimited Abundance

If anyone checks out this program, I want to help make it a successful experience.  No, I don't work for Mind Valley or Christie Marie Sheldon.  I'm just a person that wants to help people help themselves and I know from first hand experience, just how difficult abundance can be.  After all, at one time in my life I went through bankruptcy, and it has been a struggle from that point forward.  I know many are hurting in our country and throughout the world, so I want to help.

One of the most common missteps that I see people make is thinking that if they listen to all the recorded sessions as quickly as they can, it will get them further.  Actually, I think it will knock you on your butt and do more harm than good.  These recordings are about helping you shift your energetic frequency and sometimes we need to be patient and allow ourselves to shift.  If we try to do it all at once, it is like getting in a car with stick shift and going from 1st gear to 4th gear without the gears in between.  Each recorded session will affect you differently, so give yourself time to integrate it and absorb it.

Many times when I was first going through the Unlimited Abundance program, I would listen to the sessions 2, 3, and even 4 times.  If I found myself zoning out completely or feeling a little off, I'd go back and listen to it again.  If you gauge how you feel, you will be able to tell when you need to go on to the next recorded session.  There were times as well that I needed to set it aside for a few days and let my mind and body catch up as my energy was shifting.

Find what works for you and do it!  Don't let anyone stand in your way.  It is essential that you make this program work for you, and that may include letting go of long held beliefs that don't match what Christie Marie Sheldon is saying.  That is all part of the process.  Holding on to your beliefs may hold you back from abundance, so allow yourself to find what works to create that shift in you.

Abundance and the Unlimited Abundance program is not a race.  It is not a contest to see how fast you can go through the program.  Take your time and take it slow.  The more you allow it to absorb into your life, the more you will get from the program.  Honor and respect yourself through the process because that is what matters.  All too often we lose ourselves by trying to find out who we are.

While I have absolutely no idea when they will run specials, I have seen throughout the course of the year that they do discount the program from time to time.  The best way to find out is by signing up for information about the Unlimited Abundance program, and then you will get notified of what is going on or when the next online seminar is taking place.  If you are struggling to figure out how you would pay for this, take advantage of these special promotions as they come up.  You can always email Mind Valley by contacting them through their website and asking about payment plans or other ways they can help.

Regardless of what you decide to do, I hope this information in this series has been helpful.  I am trying to share what has happened in my life since starting this a year ago.  In fact, it is hard for me to comprehend that it's only been a year, because so much has shifted in my life in ways that I would never have imagined. 

As I begin the process of going back through the Unlimited Abundance program, I will share more of my thoughts from my journal, so hopefully it will help others as well.  As always, I encourage feedback and comments on this subject.  I try to answer questions as best as I can from my own personal experience.  Remember, I'm not employed by Mind Valley or Christie Marie Sheldon so I cannot speak officially for them.

Additional Notes

This is the final part in this series on unlimited abundance.  To read from the beginning, check out the February 15 blog post on Unlimited Abundance - If Money Wasn't An Issue

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  1. Hi Don,
    It's been over a year since this post. Can you do an update on your Abundance journey? Or if you have already done so can you point me to it?

    1. I had not posted anything more at this time because I've been extremely busy. Things continue to change and exceed my wildest imagination. I've got abundance coming from every corner of my life and in ways I never imagined. My life has completely changed as a result and not only financially, but in so much personal growth. I can't honestly believe how much things have changed for me. Looking back at a year ago, its so far from that point.






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