Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Have I Learned About Unlimited Abundance

What Have I Learned About Unlimited Abundance
Sometimes we don't know as much as we think we know until we dive in and begin to open our eyes.  I have learned a great deal about unlimited abundance since I first started on this journey.  I was very resistant when I first started out, but I have finally begun to learn the pieces I needed to for my life.

Abundance is about personal transformation and growth.  It isn't a get rich quick scheme or walking up to an ATM and requesting money.  It is more than that.  It is much more than that.  When you embark upon the unlimited abundance journey, you will be changing and transforming your life, much like I have.

Abundance is about finding your purpose in life and aligning with that.  It is about living in this moment, while not worrying about everything that could happen or has happened or maybe will happen.  It is about being here with yourself and following your heart because your heart will lead you in the right direction.

Removing abundance blocks is essential in order to fully tap into abundance in your life.  The more blocks we have, the less we can see.  Throughout our life, we have built walls up block by block only to now realize that we can't see beyond the wall.  Until we begin to remove those abundance blocks, we will never see beyond the wall.

Releasing the stuck energy is so critical.  You can call them abundance blocks or anything else that fits, but until that energy is released, it will hound you.  The funny thing about stuck energy is that it robs us physically and mentally, because it is working hard to find an exit.  Until we give it that exit and release it, the energy will remain locked within our mind and body.

Learning to delete and uncreate and just let go of things in life is a major one for me.  So often in our life we grow up with demands by parents, society, and other institutions that we have to be perfect.  In all reality, we don't have to be.  The more we let go of these things or delete and uncreate, the more we will get our life back.  We will find the life that was meant for us, rather than be at its beck and call.

Allowing our self to shift is critical because we can do all the affirmations for unlimited abundance we want, but if we hold ourselves back, we will stay stuck.  Abundance only comes when we allow ourselves to walk into the depths of our life and release all that is no longer needed.  It can sometimes be a painful and difficult process, but in order to find yourself, you must learn to let go of yourself.

One of the most difficult parts of life I struggle with is learning to live in this moment and be content with where I am.  I so badly get impatient and want to go in and try to do stuff in my own way and my own time.  It isn't until later that I look back and realize that I'm never going to get further in my unlimited abundance journey, if I keep trying to control it.  It is only when I let go, that I begin to find that which I'm after.

These are just a few things that I have learned and am still in the process of learning about unlimited abundance.  It is a never ending process of growth, awareness and consciousness, but one that is vital if you are going to truly discover abundance in your life.

In tomorrow's blog post, I will share some insights of the Unlimited Abundance program that I hope will be helpful to you on your own journey.

Additional Notes

This is the sixth blog post in this series.  If you would like to read the entire series starting from the first blog post, check out the entry on February 15, 2013, Unlimited Abundance - If Money Wasn't An Issue.  Tomorrow, the final entry of this series will be posted which is "Final Thoughts On Unlimited Abundance".

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