Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Healing From The Core

Healing From The Core
This can be one of the most difficult parts of the human experience.  We all want to heal ourselves and lead a more fulfilling life, but sometimes healing from the core is beyond our desire and comprehension.  It is easy to subscribe to feel good thoughts, mantras, and happy filled pictures, but unless we go within and heal, we will be like the man that built his house upon the sand.

Most likely you have heard the story of the man who built his house upon the sand and when the storms of life came, it knocked it down.  There was no strong and solid footing, but for awhile in life, he had a beautiful home.  Much is the same way in our life where we build our days upon feel good thoughts and mantras or we numb ourselves to reality.  Either way, it is like building upon sand.  If you have ever been to the ocean and stood at the edge of the water, you will know for sure just how stable your footing is.

Because of our ego, it is often times difficult to go in and embrace our healing from the core.  It is much easier to make up excuses as to why we can't do this or plainly to just not go there.  Our ego attaches us to every distraction under the sun to keep us from doing this, including health conditions and new age practices or the busyness of our daily life.  The ego wants the control and it does not want to do anything that will give up any control in our life.  It is crafty and cunning, hoping to mesmerize you with shiny lights and neon signs.

Our path may include a journey through the times where the ego is blinding us by fake buildings upon the sandy beach.  Our life may need this in order to prepare us for the next adventure.  However, if we fail to identify this in our life and we continue down this path, we are then giving up the essence of who we are.  We are masking reality with the whims of the ego and we are not healing from the core.

Our life should daily include a growing awareness and consciousness of our role and place within the universe.  We are just not here to take up space until we die.  We are not here just to amass possessions and wealth or rule over some part of the kingdom.  Our life is about us learning and growing while we discover more of who we are.

Going into our core and healing is essential if we are to fully realize our potential.  It is imperative that we begin this process at some point, because without doing so we are becoming another organism in the universe taking up space, time, and oxygen.  The more we allow ourselves to go into our core and heal, the more we will find the freedom and empowerment we seek.

It isn't about running from life, but running into life and embracing every part of it, the pains and discomforts included.  It is up to us, what we allow ourselves to do and the choices we make.  We either move forward in victory, or we succumb to the experiences that keep us stuck in the power of the ego.  The choice in healing from the core is ours alone to make.

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