Friday, February 8, 2013

Role of The Body In Mind Body Healing

Role of The Body In Mind Body Healing
All too often, we think we can only use half the healing power within us to heal our body.  We spend time and energy trying to think our way out of pain and discomfort, rather than dealing with it at its source.  Please do not mistake what I am writing here and think that I am saying your thoughts have no bearing upon healing.  In fact, I am fully aware like many healers, that your thoughts do help you heal.   However, they are only part of the equation.

Here's the thing that we as humans often forget.  The mind body connection is essential if anything is truly going to heal.  Notice though, that when you consider the mind body connection, it includes two parts.  The first part is the mind and the second part is the body.  Without both of these helping to heal someone's pain, discomfort, or experiences in life, it is like paddling upstream with broken oars.  While you may accomplish it to some degree, chances are you will wear out before you make it very far.

Cells remember what has happened to the body and they do communicate back and forth.  While we may block events and experiences from our minds, the cells in our body never forget.  In order for our mind to protect us, it numbs the body so we will have temporary amnesia.  The emotions and energy of these events then get locked into these moments, adding to the intensity the body endures. 

Unfortunately when people try to heal, they only focus on one aspect of healing instead of connecting both sides of the equation together.  They want to focus on the feel good thoughts and trying to convince themselves and others that they have healed, when in fact the physical effects of the experience are still stored within the body.   Without releasing the stored effects of experiences in the cells of our body, we will only be putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound.

From past experience, I know that sometimes an individual has to focus on one part or the other, but let us not stop at this point.  If we do, we are only delaying the unfolding of so much more possibility for our life.  When we make the decision to go within and touch the innermost parts of our pain and discomfort, we will be connecting the mind body interface.  We will begin to see and feel a greater healing that will lead to further awareness and consciousness in our life.  Pain, discomfort, and experiences in life give us the opportunity to discover a much deeper side to our life if we consciously connect with the mind body interface.

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