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Manifesting Abundance Affirmations

Manifesting Abundance Affirmations
Sometimes one of the simplest things we can do is the thing we always forget to do.  Abundance affirmations can really help manifest new things into your life.  Let's face it - sometimes it isn't easy changing yourself and working towards a greater consciousness in life, but affirmations can keep us on the right track.  They keep us going when the going gets rough.

After a long time of searching for affirmations that truly fit, I think I finally found affirmations that help manifest abundance for me.  It doesn't do me (or most people) any good to just recite something that doesn't have a visceral connection to the words.  It needs to be something that grabs you from a gut level and almost brings you to tears as you meditate on the words .

One of the first affirmations I started using came out of a healing session I had.  When I was complaining about the job I had, the healer cautioned me that what I was saying through my thoughts and words was what I was attracting.  Just like in the law of attraction, what we put out in our thoughts and words and actions, is what we are attracting back to our self.

In the process, the healer and I came up with the following statement.  "I love my work and I am richly rewarded creatively and financially."  While it may sound like a simple statement that anyone could come up with, this fit my life perfectly.  The words roll off my tongue easily and my mind comprehends them as I say them.  They are now part of the background on my computer desktop, so I see them frequently throughout the day and in the morning when I turn my computer on.  The times that I get down or can't quite see the path ahead, I just go back and say this affirmation out loud.  It is changing my thoughts and my outlook in life on manifesting abundance.

The next affirmation for manifesting abundance is actually my life's mission statement.  For a long time, I struggled to put into words how I saw my life's purpose unfolding.  Then all at once, the words just hit me and they resonated so strongly that they too are part of my desktop background on my computer.  The words to my mission statement are "Using my hands, my words, and my music to help heal the world through my heart."

One other thing that I have started doing again is keeping a gratitude log.  It is so easy to miss the little things as they happen in a day.  While this can be a simple thing to do, it is often one of those things that we forget to do.

Each night before I go to bed, I list three things in my journal.  The first is gratitude for something in my day.  The second thing is a moment of joy that I have had in my day.  The third thing is something I want to discard that took place in the day.  Since I have a partner, we both do this and then share these things with one another.

It helps so much not only to have affirmations that help manifest abundance, but to recognize and not miss those moments of joy and gratitude.  Allowing our self to connect with things that didn't go so well is perfectly fine, because we can discard those moments and carry on in life.  Holding on to the rough spots all night long, does not make for a good night of sleep.

These are simple examples of manifesting abundance through affirmations, but they work extremely well for me.  Keep them simple and keep them energetically tuned into your life purpose and they will work for you as well.

Come back tomorrow for the next blog post in this series on Unlimited Abundance, where I share some things that I have learned in this Unlimited Abundance program.

Additional Notes:

This is number five in this seven part series.  To read from the beginning, go to the Feb 15 post, Unlimited Abundance - If Money Wasn't An Issue.  Please come back Feb 26, for the next part in this series, What Have I Learned About Unlimited Abundance.

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