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Unlimited Abundance - If Money Wasn't An Issue

Unlimited Abundance - If Money Wasn't An Issue
If you are like I am, most likely you struggle with finances.  While finances don't necessarily equate to the same thing as abundance, if you don't have money, it's hard to see it any other way.  I've struggled for years in my life with the issue of money, and of course I grew up in a house where money or abundance were never enough.  From the cold, barely-heated farm houses in Iowa, to the struggle to have adequate food to eat for meals, money and abundance were always a problem.

Behind the money woes of life, I know there are many emotional wounds to heal.  It has not been an easy road, but for the first time I think I am making progress.  The Unlimited Abundance program with Christie Marie Sheldon that I will discuss later, has helped me to begin moving past these issues and transform my life.  However, the reason I'm writing this is to help others that may be saying some of the same things I'm saying here in what I write.

There will be several discussions in this series on my unlimited abundance journey, including things that I have experienced firsthand, stuff I have learned, and how my life has changed as a result.  This journey is a life changing transformation.  It was not a quick fix for me and I suspect it is not a quick fix for most people.  Although everyone wants abundance now, it is a process that has to unfold in each person in their own way and in their own time.

First of all, I think we need to briefly discuss what abundance is.  So many people think of money, houses, cars, vacations, boats, etc. when they hear abundance and wealth.  In fact, our society and our world often equate the ownership of property equal to the value of the individual.  Unfortunately, if your view of abundance is money or wealth oriented, I will suggest to you that you have got a little more studying to do on this subject.  If you are only looking for more money, that is certainly something that warrants your time, but it is not necessarily the same thing as abundance.  Abundance can involve money, but it is more than that.

I don't believe we wish for some form of property as described in the movie, The Secret, where if you think about and desire an object such as a boat, it will show up in your front yard tomorrow.  Now, don't get me wrong because I'm not saying that if you do this, it won't show up.  Iit might, but I still don't believe that is abundance.  To be fully honest, I think that is something that falls into the line of seeking wealth, not necessarily abundance.

Abundance is a concept that extends beyond money.  It includes our relationships, creativity, friendships, wisdom, peace of mind, energy, and money, among other things.  It is a direct result of our spiritual growth and consciousness as we move through the journey of life.  While it can come in the form of wealth, this is just a manifestation of our inner growth and awakening.

Is it not important that you agree 100% with what I am saying here in order for you to discover abundance?  Most likely it is not.  In fact, all of this is a learning process.  It is our individual unlimited abundance journey.  The more we discover about ourselves and we learn how to remove abundance blocks, the more we will tap into the universal flow of everything we would ever need.  I would just give a word of caution that you not fall into the trap of seeing abundance as only money, but instead as a result of your own personal growth and transformation as you delete and uncreate those areas of life that hold you back.

You may be in a moment where money is an issue in your life, but don't let yourself fall into the trap that money is the only thing you seek.  It is a time to step back on your own unlimited abundance journey and release the energy blocks in your life.  It is a time to open your awareness and consciousness to things that may not seem readily apparent to you, or be normal thoughts in your day, but may hold the keys to unlocking this area of your life.  It is a process, not a race to the finish.

Additional Note:

This is the first in this series on Unlimited Abundance.  Please come back on Feb 19, 2013 for the blog post, My Unlimited Abundance History.

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  1. Ya I agree with you. Abundance isn't just money, but money is a part of I, but just one aspect and not the whole pizza pie.






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