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My Unlimited Abundance History

My Unlimited Abundance History
From time to time, I have tried various programs and read many different books on this subject.  It was an attempt to help me discover unlimited abundance in my life and find my way through the maze of discovery.  Some of these things I tried helped take me to the next level, while some of them infuriated me and got me nowhere.    There are so many out there that purport to have the answers to unlimited abundance, but in my view there are few that actually deliver.

One of my early experiences several years ago was with the book by John Randolph Price, called "The Abundance Book".  It was a small book with little tidbits and snippets of writing that helped you to understand more about abundance and what was holding it back.  In many ways, I think it began to help me understand this more, but there was not enough substance to it, to understand fully.  It was a meaningful book that advanced my awareness and consciousness with abundance, but not one that really changed my life.

After reading The Abundance Book, I set my sights on the 40 Day Prosperity Plan CD that John Randolph Price put together.  While I earnestly tried to follow this program, I saw little change in my life and so I became discouraged.  The CD had the goal of helping to change the vibration of limitation to one of abundance.  According to the CD, thousands of people around the world had shifted their consciousness through manifestation of abundance affirmations.  I may actually go back and listen to this again to see if I view it differently.   Sometimes we are not ready for certain things until something else comes along in our life that prepares us for it. 

Another process I was introduced to was called Concept Therapy.  To be fair, I never attended the full course due to a lack of money to pay for it at the time.  It is one of the irritations I have with some of these products out there that get expensive.  I know, people need to make money, but if you have no money at the time, it is nothing more than an irritant and frustration to have the carrot dangled in front of your face.  While the charts that I learned to make as a result of Concept Therapy helped, they didn't seem to pull everything together.  I still use them from time to time, but it just feels like it is more of an attention focus, rather than something that will truly shift my life.  Even with how much Concept Therapy costs, it is something to check out and use in your life.

I remember seeing the movie, The Secret, and while I enjoyed the overall message of it, the focus was too heavy on producing money and possessions.  It had great moments that make a person think, with many underlying truths.  However,  still to this day, I do not feel that the law of attraction is just about making a Christmas wish list and then expecting it all to show up.  I know there are people who practice law of attraction techniques and get results they want, but I still don't fully believe that this is the same thing as the spiritual based concept of unlimited abundance.  Maybe one day I will be proven wrong, but if you go back to the previous post on this subject (Unlimited Abundance - If Money Wasn't An Issue),  you will see that I view this differently.  While the law of attraction does work and abundance does include money and possessions, unlimited abundance is much more than that.

The one book that completely infuriated me and I have never been able to go back and pick up is "Open Your Mind To Prosperity".  Once again, the author claims that people have changed their lives financially by following her plan.  I don't doubt they have, but I still think the book was shortsighted at best and too steeped in religious tradition and teaching.  The basic premise of the book seemed to be that if you "tithed" 10% of your income to places that matched your heart's longing and spiritual direction, that you would see financial abundance show up.   This sounds too much like church teachings adapted into a new age thought process.  I'm sorry if I sound harsh here and I mean no disrespect to the author, but I grew up with this type of behavior.  I still remember seeing my Dad give a $1000 check to the Lundstroms, a Christian evangelist group, while we were sitting at home barely getting by and struggling to find food to eat.  The entire concept, of course, is that if you give money to the "church" and to "God", then he will give it back to you many times over.  I never saw it come back in any way, but I sure as heck felt my stomach feel empty and hungry.  Even if this process is what it takes, I just don't buy into it.  Maybe I'm missing the point, but this book really infuriated me and felt more like a scam than something I would want to follow.  I struggled to let go of it emotionally and find balance in my life for many months after reading this book.

There are many paths to learning, and I'm sure that I have learned something from each one of these things.  As you can see from the last experience that I shared, I most likely have some emotional healing to go through yet in my life.  When you face hunger, it changes your view of life.  Yet, I think we all need to have our truth meters in fine working order to help weed through the chaff and find the kernels of grain.  There are some well-intentioned people out there, and then there are others that I would  rather not put a label to in what I write.

The most recent thing I have found is Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon.  It is an audio download put out by Mind Valley.  If there is any one program that I can say has really helped me, it is this one.  The reason I write about it is because of the impact it has had on my life.    In the blog posts ahead, I will share more on this program, but for now I just want to share more about my unlimited abundance history and some of the things I have tried.  My goal is to help share my life with others so they have the opportunity to learn from what I did.

Additional Note:

You may also want to check out the previous blog post in this series posted on Feb 15, 2013, Unlimited Abundance - If Money Wasn't An Issue.  This is the second in this series.  Please come back on Feb 20, 2013 for the blog post, My Experiences With Unlimited Abundance.

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