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Interact With Our Biology

Interact With Our Biology
All too often, we see health care and healing as something that sends us to a doctor looking for a diagnosis and pill to alleviate our symptoms.  Unfortunately, this is not healing, although it is the mainstream thought in our society.  Healing and health are much more than a short term fix of taking a medication or going through a procedure.

While I understand that many will agree with this to a certain point, many of those same people will fail to fully grasp what this means.  In the same respect, there will be many that completely disagree because their paradigms prevent them from seeing something different.  Unfortunately, it is only at a point where we are sometimes brought to our knees before we begin to wake up and shift our paradigms that we so fervently cling to in life.

I do not write these words because it is some concept passed down to me.  I write these words because I have seen first hand how when we interact with our biology, we truly heal ourselves.  It is at this moment that we find the true essence of our pure self and we connect to that which helps us evolve through the pain or difficulty into a greater awareness of consciousness.

What do I mean when I say, interact with our biology?  It involves becoming so acquainted with how your own mind and body function together, that you feel everything going on in your life.  It is about letting go of the past and releasing the long stored energy that is stuck within the cells of your body, which rob you of the greatest joy you can experience in life.  Interacting with your biology means going within when you face physical symptoms, rather than looking to external sources for relief.

It is too easy to give our power over to another individual, expecting them to give us answers for what is going on inside of our body.  We give up our power when we do this.  Yes, we have been taught this from an early age in life, but if we can shift out of this paradigm, the healing and peace that awaits is far more powerful than most people can imagine.

At one time, I thought I was doomed to live a life of difficulty and pain.  While I still experience pain and physical issues in my life, I am not stuck or bound by them.  I can go in and interact with my biology to release these things and let them go.  However, I am just not masking them, but embracing the pains and physical symptoms so that I can reclaim the power they are attempting to rob from me.

All too often, we as humans claim we don't feel pain or we experience chronic pain.  Many times we are so numb in our bodies, that we do not truly feel the pains that exist.  Pain is a messenger of the mind body interface to help us discover our self more and so we can find our way through the journey of life.

When you are numb, you feel no pain and when you don't feel pain, you are not living.  It is a natural part of life.  The unnatural part of life is where we become stuck in the pain and we don't interact with our own biology.  Happy thoughts or avoidance does not heal the pain.  It may mask it so that you cannot readily see it, but until it is released, it is still residing in your body.

In order to interact with our biology, we must first get to know ourselves from the inner depths of our mind body connection.  It requires that we go deep within through the pains of our life, and reclaim those parts that have become numb to us.  Only by going within, will we find true meaning and true peace in our life.  There is no other way.  Beliefs, practices, teachings and mindsets will not get you to where you need to go.  They may become a vehicle to help you get there, but only if you travel deep within your mind and body.

Each day we are alive, we need to be evaluating all that we believe and the paradigms we live by in our life.  If we are not asking the tough questions, then we are separating ourselves from all that life can be.  It takes courage and strength to walk through the pains of our life, but when we do this we will come to know who we are and why we are here.

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