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Conversion Disorder Doesn't Mean You're Crazy

Conversion Disorder Doesn't Mean You're Crazy
So often, the medical establishment struggles to understand what this condition is about for their patients.  Even if they have an understanding of it, often they are at a loss of how to treat it.  In addition, the patient is often so scared and afraid that they are crazy or there is something wrong with them, that they fight against everything that will most likely help them heal.

Conversion disorder does not mean you are crazy!  It is a very real condition that exists and people who are suffering through it, are not faking the symptoms.  It is very frightening to experience and for many people, they struggle to find the way to heal from this.  It generally frightens the family to the point of wrongly thinking that something is unfixable in their child or family member.

If you have followed my blog for some time,  you know will know that I have been through a conversion disorder (also known as a functional neurological disorder).   Fortunately I found the courage and strength to heal from this, but many are still searching.  I happened to find the right people at the right time in my life to help me come through this and to really heal from this disorder.  If you see me now, you would have no clue that I have been through this.

Just because you have been diagnosed with conversion disorder, it does not mean that something is wrong with you or that you are crazy.  While it may feel like you are broken, if you begin to understand what is happening to the body, you will see that there is a way out from this.  In the article I wrote and published on, I explain it through the electrical circuit example.

You may have already researched this condition and be thinking that there is nothing psychologically that you can account for this condition.  I was the same way at first, but deep down I knew there were things I had not dealt with in my life.  The most current situations at that moment, had brought me to this point of complete paralysis, but they were unrelated events that sent me over the edge.

The thing that helped me is that I had to find my own path and I had to make the connection between what was physically going on in my body and what was happening on an emotional and psychological level.  It did not mean I had to know everything that I was hiding from my conscious mind, but it meant that I had to begin to acknowledge  it.  Was this easy?  NO, it was not!  Was it necessary?  YES, it was!

Regardless of what you may or may not think and believe about this condition, there is healing.  If you go to my site, and read what I have written about conversion disorder, you will be understand what I have been through.  There is also an interview with Dr. Paul Canali which helps explain it further.  I have written more about my journey in my book, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma.

I am beginning to write a new book that will detail more about my experiences in conversion disorder and how I found healing from this condition.  If you are struggling to find a way forward, don't give up!  Keep asking questions and keep turning over every rock in your life until you uncover that which is the key to your own healing.  It is a process that doesn't necessarily happen over night, but stay open to possibility that may seem to be ridiculous in the moment.

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