Saturday, November 7, 2015

Truth Within

These days, everyone seems to want to believe what someone or some product says.  It is like a media person holds truth or a product holds truth or a belief system holds truth.  However, within each person, product, or belief system, there are parts that are truth and there are parts that are not.

Truth within a person, product, or belief is the gem.  It is the diamond in the coal.  It is what we should be seeking after.  We hold others up so high on a pedestal that we cannot even see who they are.  We don't even acknowledge we do this - and yet we do.

Growing up in a church, I always heard the minister say we should put no minister or person on a pedestal.  It sounded good, but in all reality, it never happened.  Everyone thought the minister or priest had all the answers and more often than not, they didn't.  No one could accept that the minister (ordained by God) would not have the answer they needed.

When I was in the hospital recovering from a Conversion Disorder, one minster was also a patient.  I remember him being so burnt out because everyone constantly came to him with their problems.  It was demanding and day after day, hour after hour, he had no escape.  I still remember him telling me that day that he didn't have a single person who he could go talk to.  The church expected him to be there for them, but no one was there for him.

Truth is good and while everyone feels like they have found the truth, it is often belief disguised with fancy robes, pretty presentations, and books that are written in gold.  Yes, people do hold truth, but instead of buying into everything they say, be critical of how it applies to your life.  I didn't say be cynical, I said be critical.  Critique it and see how it applies, what you can learn from it, what it holds for you.

Often within all these paradigms, beliefs, people and products, there is an element of truth within.  Find that truth and learn all you can from it, but keep your balance.  Don't get blindsided by what you believe to be the truth, but what you can find within your self and your body to prove it is truth.

When you can feel it in your body and connect to it with your mind, the truth within becomes very powerful.  If someone can now see, you can't convince the person the blind cannot see.  If someone can now walk after paralysis, you cannot convince them they cannot be healed.

However, if you blindly follow those that shout the loudest with their beliefs, it will never be your truth.  Truth is felt within the body and mind.  Truth is experienced when we come to that deep state of peace.  Truth within is known without a doubt and it is wrapped in love so that forcing others to believe it is not required.  Allowing others to see your truth is what matters.

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