Monday, November 2, 2015

Challenge Your Healing Paradigm

One thing I'll never understand about humans is how they think.  Sometimes I actually think humans don't think.  They just follow along with what they were taught and saw practiced.  Sure, everyone wants to act like they are free-thinkers and not following a script they were taught but the evidence does not support that theory.

Unfortunately, I don't think we see things as clearly as we do.  We see things through all the mirrors of our life's experiences, family teachings, filters, and what society expects of us.  We don't necessarily see things the way we think we do.  Society is far to quick to squash those that do and we are far too quick to succumb to it as humans.   There is power in the masses following the same plot line.  There is fear in the masses doing what they think is best for themselves.

Many years ago when I was paralyzed from Conversion Disorder, none of the medical staff could tell me what I needed to do to heal myself.  They did little things but I think they resigned themselves to the fact that I might have been in this situation for the rest of my life.  It wasn't easy to go through this and finding my way to healing was much more difficult than the paralysis. I literally had to follow my own courage in what step to take next even though I had no clue at the time.

I had to give up all that I was taught and believed and had experienced throughout my entire life.  No stone could be left unturned.  I had to challenge everything I knew about life and healing and my body and do it one step at a time.  I had to give up that which I thought made my life and sustained it, so I could really begin to find my life.

In the end, painstakingly I found my way to healing, but it wasn't in the conventional sense that everyone follows.  It was looking at things and trying to find the one little part of the healing that worked and then use it so I could climb to the next step.  It was one step after another that kept moving me forward in healing.

Too many people think that the medical establishment has all the answers.  Granted, I believe they know a ton about the physical body and mind.  Unfortunately, they don't understand the true role of stress on a body and the energetic and spiritual planes that can greatly enhance healing.

Too many people think that if the doctor does not take away their pain or their condition with some treatment or medication, that the doctor is no good.  The pressure for doctors to help the patients numb to what is really going on is immense.  Patients demand doctors to fix it or numb it without delay.

With the many physical situations I have endured in my life, I found that I often needed to go deep within and see what was kicking up the situation I was facing.  Most of us don't do that.  We are asleep to it.  We ignore it.  We want it fixed NOW and I mean NOW!  We do not want to go in and do the hard work or begin making changes in our life.  We only give lip service that we do.

There is so much more to healing then we know and it doesn't get reported in the media.  I know, its a shock, but I'm always amazed at how many people think they know so much just from what is reported in the media or on the internet.  Most of the time, you won't find these healing truths reported in the news because they are experienced directly by one person at a time.

We can do much healing in our body without the need for man-made prescriptions and treatments.  However, it requires us to go in and touch the source of the physical situation we are in.  If we just turn to medical treatments, we're only working with half the healing potential.  If we just turn towards our religious beliefs, we're missing out on something that is so innate to us, we won't allow ourselves to see it.  If we just turn to some new age treatment or another, we're ignoring the other parts.

Imagine if a cave man was born and stayed in a cave, but someone came along and told him about the big fiery sun in the sky, what would he say?  Imagine if he said, "I've lived all these years and never saw the sun, I don't think it exists."   Yet, you reply, "but I have seen it and I know it exists."

The cave man then says, "well since I have not seen it, I don't believe it.  You're making this up.  You don't understand my world."  To which you reply, "but I can show you the sun if you step out and see it for yourself."  The cave man than dismisses you saying, "you're crazy and don't know what you're talking about."

See, we are like the cave man.  Just because we can't see it, we think it doesn't exist.  Just because we are locked up in our own healing paradigms, they prevent us from seeing how much impact upon our own health and healing we have.  Even if we share this with others, it is too easy to dismiss it because we cannot allow ourselves to be challenged in our beliefs about healing.

In addition, there are far too many "healing modalities and procedures" that don't do what everyone thinks they do.  We are tricked into believing the placebo is the healing moment when in fact it is not. 

Challenge yourself.  Challenge what you believe.  Then after you are done challenging your healing beliefs, challenge them some more.

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