Friday, November 27, 2015

Embrace Being Grounded

Lately, it seems like it is an epidemic to either be living in fantasy or just not being grounded.  I see this constantly these days.  I realize to some people, I'm probably far out there at times, but what I am seeing lately is woo woo on steroids.

It is really sad in some ways.  I don't mind people being out there and embracing all that they pick up and sense and experience.  However, if you're not grounded, then chances are you are looking at stars and thinking they are the sun.

When people go to far out on the branch, not seeing that it is breaking off, then they make it hard for others who truly experience things in a grounded way. On the other hand, we have people who I respect like Neil deGrasse Tyson acting as if it doesn't fit into his scientific lab, then it is not real.  These are the extremes and neither is overly helpful.

Yes, we all have experiences in life and yes, some of them are hard to understand, let alone describe.  This has happened down through the ages since the beginning of time.  Stories have been recorded and retold in an attempt to make sense out of it in the human mind.  Sometimes it is not the "story" that is important, but what you can learn from the story or experience.

To me, the one thing that will grab my attention like no other, is when I have had a personal experience.  When I embrace being grounded, and something takes place - it is like the lights turning on.  It isn't some wish in the sky or something that someone else tells me is true, but it is a firsthand experience.

When you have that moment where you witness something happening within you, with your own two eyes, no one can tell you otherwise.  When you feel it happening in your body, then it is truly real.  It is the moment when you embrace being grounded.

No one can tell me that you can't come back from Conversion Disorder.  Granted, it wasn't easy, but I know this with absolute truth, because I experienced it.  No one can tell me that you can't heal yourself from migraine headaches, stomach ulcers, allergies, anxiety, and depression because I've seen what happened in my life.  No one can tell me that you can't heal rashes covering your own body, because I've seen these results as well.

Let's embrace being grounded.  Woo woo on steroids doesn't really do as much as we might be led to think it does.  Often it just helps us numb and hide from the truth that is inside of us and that which we don't want to see.

Touch the edges of all that we know, but stay grounded.  Don't discount everything you don't know just because you don't know it, but again embrace being grounded. It is sorely lacking in our world today.

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