Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dairy Free Cream Of Chicken Soup

So today, I was making one of our favorite dishes and of course, the one ingredient I really need, I can't find.  Sure, I know the store sells Cream Of Chicken Soup, but everything we could find had onion and garlic in it (along with many other things I don't want).  Onion and garlic make me sick.  End of story.

I mean we looked all over in the area we live and every blasted food processor thinks that if it doesn't have onion and garlic in it, it ain't soup!   Ridiculous!   For someone that gets sick on onion and garlic, they are no friend of mine!

Anyway, I went searching and found a great recipe for this on for a homemade, dairy free, cream of chicken soup.  I love that it is dairy free.  Now, you're talking my talk!

I made the soup tonight for the dish and it was so easy to make.  It tasted so good.  The only thing is, I poured a little too much spice in and well, that wasn't so good.  Next time, I'll cut back on them.

The soup uses Chicken Broth, Flour, Almond Milk and spices (you can probably find substitutes to make it work for you).  I'll let you go over to the site for the actual recipe and instructions.

Finally, an alternative to the junk these processors sell in the store.  It might not be 100% perfect, but its a far cry better than what I was buying.  On top of having no onion and garlic, it has no dairy.  It is pretty simple to make too!

You will love it!

 Whoo hoo... I'm doing the happy dance!

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