Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm Picky About Music

This is one thing I am very picky about in life.  My ears hear music in a different way than most because I think I FEEL the music, more than I hear it.  I'm extremely picky about the music I listen to and it either hits me instantly or it gets discarded in my mind.

I was watching a show on TV the other night and I exclaimed "that is some awesome music".  Of course, it dawned on me that it was from a couple of decades ago where they actually did music with live instruments and not electronically created sounds of live instruments.  It was an aha moment for me.

There is a big difference and I know that in today's world, electronically generated music is the norm.  However, most of the time it doesn't feel right.  It doesn't move me like the stuff made with actual instruments.  I can feel the difference.

Instrumental music has so much depth to it and the sound crosses so many spectrums.  Electronically generated music is a sound, not necessarily a depth filled musical note.

I'm sure many will disagree with me because that is what everyone has become accustomed to in making music and listening to music.  Yet, I know that the music that really moves me is the one where live instruments harmonize together.

While I do use an electronic keyboard, I searched for one that would give me sound that was as realistic and real as a regular piano.  It is close, but still not 100% there.  A regular upright piano that I learned to play on vibrates and you can feel that vibration.  You can feel how that vibration bumps into the next sounds and how they each play off of the other.  In order for me to record music, it is the best I can do and yet in my mind, it falls short.

When I've gone to concerts that Yanni has put on, I am so moved by the whole experience.  Each instrument comes together and gives an experience unlike few moments I have ever had.  It feels like a musical massage and I've left those concerts feeling like every emotion and brain cell in me was moved into new dimensions and worlds.

I realize that we live in a world of electronically generated music, but I hope one day that we return to our roots.  I hope that live instruments become the norm, because I really struggle to find music these days that I like.  I've had many people tell me that this artist or that artist is so good, but my ears disagree.

Yes, I'm picky about music.  I'm very picky.  Music either moves me in an instant or it does not.  If it does not move me within a split second, my ears shut down and request my brain to search for something more meaningful.

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