Sunday, November 29, 2015

Belief and Superstition In Healing

Some days my heart aches as I see what people believe and what they base their beliefs upon in life.  Some I feel is belief that is grounded and all too often, some of it is superstition, for lack of a better word.  One will get you further in my opinion than the other.

When you have experiences and you see firsthand the effect or outcome of what transpires, it is easy to hold that belief as reality.  I have had many instances in my life where I know with a shadow of a doubt, that something is true.  It is true because I experienced it and can back it up in my body as a reproducible experience.

When others tell you something is true because they believe it to be true, too many times it is not grounded in true reality.  I'm not saying this is an absolute statement, but I see it more often then not.  It makes my heart weep especially when people are passing on superstition.

It takes much more for people to be grounded and out of that grounding, to share something that is truly life changing for others.  There are few that do this and too many follow the beliefs of superstition.

If you're asking someone to twirl around 3 times to the left, one to the right, and then jump up and down 5 times, thinking this is the most  healing moment, I'm not sure you truly understand what it is that you're doing to others.  There should be a mode of "do no harm" and in all too many cases, I think humans harm one another with ungrounded superstition, then they help them.

Anything healing that you do needs to connect the mind body (or brain body) to what is being said or discussed.  Thoughts alone are powerful, but you need them to be grounded in the body to have lasting and repeatable moments of healing.

I realize we live in a society where we are numb and disconnected to our body.  Most walk around not really feeling all that is going on.  Most walk around numbed by the bright shiny moments of life and happy thoughts, then feeling their inner physical core.

We need to be careful what we believe and we need to be careful what we follow that is nothing more than superstition.  There is a difference.  Your beliefs and superstitions should welcome challenge.  If what we say is true, it will stand up to the test of challenge and time.  If it does not, then we may need to seek further into the truth of our beliefs and superstitions.

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