Saturday, November 28, 2015

Peace On Earth Begins With Me

There have been many tragedies around the world and I don't see where they will let up anytime soon.  They seem to be increasing.  Some of them are natural disasters and some of them come from one enemy fighting another enemy.

As I have seen a discussion in the past few days turn from pure hatred towards those that killed innocent people to blaming politicians or guns or whatever the reason is just plain sad.  People love to boil everything down into one short and simple soundbite that is the sole reason of why things are happening that everyone can't stand.

The media loves to put a soundbite to a tragedy because then they can hook people into following their newscast.  The more people that follow, the more viewers they have and the more money they can make.  I get it.  Its an entertainment business and if you don't entertain people, they switch the channel.  It is one reason, we shut off cable.

Everyone wants to believe that peace on earth begins with other people.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  We are all adding to the problems of the world whether you believe it or not.

You can think I'm crazy for saying that, but how we act to one another is what is perpetuated to the world.  It isn't all those people out there that are the issue, it is what we do and how we act to others that becomes the breeding ground for hate filled tragedies.

If you want to change the world, then peace on earth begins with me and you.  It isn't a concept that we should demand others to do or shout to the world.  It should be soul searching to the deepest levels in our own life.

Sure, there are moments in this earth that no matter what you do, things will happen and when they do, our brains struggle to understand.   Sometimes it seems that what we do is not enough and things will never change, but again, Peace On Earth Begins with me and you and everyone.

I've witnessed some horrible comments in the past few days by those that purport to be full of love and God and everything good.  I stand back in disbelief wondering how they can believe one thing and yet spew the words out of their mouth that they do.  Again, each one of us should be soul searching to the deepest levels in our life.

I don't have all the answers either and I'm sure to some, my words are crazy.  I'm just saddened not only by the tragedy that has happened, but by the hateful responses that are hurled like bombs.

I wish everyone would take a look at what they wrote, before they clicked their mouse.  I wish everyone would step back for a second and see the human side of things, rather than just words on a computer screen.

It feels like the world is spinning out of control and I keep wondering where the turning point is at to change course.  I keep wondering when people will once again become human and I mean that for everyone, not just the ones everyone points the fingers at.

We can be much greater than we are.  We can be much more human than we are.  We can truly have peace on earth that begins with me and you and everyone if we truly start to understand what love means.  Saying we love another and having actions that do not match is nothing but a clanging cymbal playing off tune in the music of life.

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