Saturday, November 21, 2015

Giving Advice

I see it so much these days.  Everyone is an expert the minute someone says something online.  Everyone has to make sure the other person knows what they think they know.  Giving advice has become a plague in our online society.  It is a disease ridden concept that has everyone thinking they have the next best thing in the world.

Am I too harsh?  I don't think so.  I think the advice that isn't grounded and given freely without anyone knowing what is truly going on is DANGEROUS!  I mean, it is very DANGEROUS.  I repeated that in case it slipped your attention.

Even these feel good statements are as much of a problem as the advice because they simplify a person's problem in life down to a few words that are as cold as the north pole in the winter.  You may think that these statements offer support, but its like giving water to a drowning man.

What we need is far more people that listen and that are there for others.  What we need is far more people that will react and interact to others in a real way and in a human way.

We don't need cold-pie-in-the-sky words hurled at lightening speed without any thought, feeling or grounding found anywhere in sight.  We don't need everything to be one cheery statement after another where the person struggling cannot relate.

We need openness and honest thought.  We need grounded and conscious individuals.  We need those that know what the struggle is to get down in the mudpit with the person and offer support to them until they are ready to climb out.

Its too easy to be flippant with the sharing of almost meaningless pretty things in a day.  It is much harder to truly be there for the person.  Of course, the difference is, we really need to begin being there for ourselves.

Projecting our needs on to others isn't going to help them or the world.  We have to start within us first, if we truly care about helping anyone. These days, I see very little of that.  We need to change this before we all forget what its like to be human.

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