Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Unlimited Abundance Works

For a long time, I have been searching and learning.  Abundance was not part of my life and I struggled through every step.  I thought that I was doomed for all eternity and life was going to be nothing but a struggle.  Most people who know me, realize that I'm talented and skilled, but it never seemed like I could connect that with the unlimited abundance flow in my life.

After reading several books and trying to follow the advice of different people, I was burned out on abundance programs.  Nothing seemed to work and I only felt worse after trying and failing once again.  Feel free to read what I have written on My Unlimited Abundance History in an earlier blog post.

A few years ago I tried the home study program with Unlimited Abundance.  Of course, this was after I was very critical of the entire program.  I wrote some things that were honest, but very harsh and not really fair to Christie Marie Sheldon.  It took me a little time, but I started to see some results and a shift in my life.  It wasn't a big shift, but a minor one.

Then a couple of months ago, the opportunity to be part of the Unlimited Abundance Live 2015 program appeared.  I was much more excited about this because I had been seeing little results in my life.  I was no longer thinking about how doomed I was, but that there was something different for me.

I signed up for the program.  Yes, the price was a little tough for me to do, but I felt that if I went for this program, it would really help me transform my life.  After all, I had just quit my job to pursue my new life that I had not yet created.

I am so glad I took the chance on this program (regardless of the cost) because even beginning in month two, I can see things changing.  No, I'm not a millionaire or anything like that, but I am seeing the shift in my life.  I'm seeing my outlook change and that is the part that was holding me back.

If you want to read more about my experiences with this 2015 live program, go to the Abundance page on (my other website).  I am sharing what I learn as I go and will try to keep that up all year long.

The entire live program plus the online private group is helping me stay focused and I am learning so much.  I have a feeling that in another 10 months, my life will look much different then it did a few months ago.  I look forward to that and I welcome it with open arms.  I'm very tired of struggling in life!

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