Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let Us Hate One Another

Isn't this what the bible teaches?  Isn't that what Jesus proclaimed, let us hate one another?  Reading the news articles and twitter feeds and Facebook postings, you would think that to be human means, you hate other humans.

I am constantly amazed at how our society and culture treat one another.  There is no love.  There seems to be only hate.  The ones blinded by hate cannot even begin to see what love means.  Unfortunately, it feels like that is 100% of the population in this country and world.

To be one that tries to love others feels like a part of a super small group of individuals.  Some people proclaim they love others, but their rhetoric and social media postings might suggest otherwise.  Love is not mere words.  Love is putting your words in action.

I grew up in a house that proclaimed love and one of the recurring quotes I heard pounded into the table was "by God, we are a family and were going to love one another no matter what".  Of course, there was anything but true love in our house.  It was a facade.  These quotes usually were a result of control and manipulation and abuse.

These days, I see the same things.  I see the beautiful words posted, but I don't feel that follow through in a wholesome way.  The ones that truly love others aren't out there grandstanding for all to see.  They aren't out there being part of the hate-filled sharing of social media and news posts.  They are just practicing loving other people.

We as humans love to pat ourselves on the back.  The ego does a high five every time we do that.  Unfortunately when the ego is in control, the heart is imprisoned.

If we truly don't hate one another, then maybe we should begin showing it.  Life and love and happiness is not about promoting your opinion or belief.  It is about listening to others, accepting others, and helping lift each other up.  Love is more than words.  Love is action.

In order for the human species to survive, we need to ditch our practice of hating one another, and begin learning what it means to love one another.  Of course, that often means that we have to begin loving ourselves first before we can love others.

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