Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sometimes Change Is Hard

We all come up on those moments in life where we know things have to be different.  We all know that sometimes changes is hard.  Yet, it doesn't make it any easier and sometimes it feels like it is more than we can take.

I wish I had a magic wand to make this easier for myself and everyone reading this blog post.  I wish I could go abracadabra and everything would be a sunny day with pretty rainbows.  Unfortunately I can't do that and neither can you.

In some ways, if things were always easy, I'm not really sure we would learn as much as we need to.  I think we would rob ourselves of moments where we build on for the future.  Easy is not always best.  That is why I think that sometimes change is hard.

We're often building a foundation for the future.  We're opening our eyes to see things we haven't seen.  We are becoming aware of thoughts and concepts and a consciousness that we may not yet posses.  Sometimes change is hard so all of this comes together and happens.

The one thing I've learned is that if I look at life and I begin to see that what I'm doing hasn't solved the problem or issue I'm facing, then does my way work?  The obvious answer probably is no.

Sometimes I have to change and I do that by letting go of that which does not work for me.  Its quite possible that it worked at one time in my life, but no longer does.  Regardless, time does change us and so what once worked, may be long past its prime.

We get confronted with new concepts and ideas and teachings each day.  Some are great and we can take them to the bank while others need to be thrown out with the trash.  However, when we find something that resonates with us, changing ourselves can be very difficult.  In these times, we must find a way to let go and change, or we'll get stuck in what we've always been.

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