Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Endorsements and Affiliates

There is far too much online that is just about getting rich.  We all know it and we all see it.  I would estimate that at least 80% of it is not worth your time to read, be involved with or get interested enough to inquire about the place.  Yet, it doesn't stop everyone from lapping up the milk bowl of affiliates and endorsements and reviews.

Over the years, I have been asked to endorse and become an affiliate with every product under the sun.  Yes, I know I get a high volume of views on this blog, but the views are because I have integrity and I write about things from my heart that matter.  If it was just about being an affiliate, this blog would be nothing more than what everyone else does.

I've had so many people want me to endorse their book, their product, their website, their idea and I'm sorry, but so many of them just don't rise to the level they need to for me to be come interested enough to do this.  Most of the time I have passed.

More than likely if you email me, asking me to endorse or participate in some type of affiliate scheme, your email is going to go into that special file in my inbox.  Its the one I never read and doesn't stay in my inbox very long.

I don't take solicitations because here is what happens.  If I write about your product, I feel or I am "pushed" or "encouraged" to say what you want me to say.  Companies and places don't want bad reviews out there, so they do everything they can to control and manipulate it.  Go do a search on google for any affiliate reviews and see how many really shed light on what the product is.  Go ahead!  I dare you!

If I become an affiliate for some place and I try to be honest, but it doesn't match up to the ego of the place I'm selling for, guess what happens?  If you guessed that they would make you take it down, then give yourself a gold star.  It doesn't matter if the blog post led many people to purchase their product or really gave them a good look into a process of indecision or skepticism.  None of that matters because they want their company and products praised to the heavens.

On top of it, too many affiliate companies just want people to review the product (a.k.a write positive statements) without even truly knowing if the product is good or if it truly works or changed their life in any way.  They just want the search results to show up the positive vibes from as many different sources as they can.  Don't believe me?  Just do a google search and see what I am saying for yourself.

I get modern day marketing.  This is how it is done.  However, I don't want to be part of that.  If I try a product or a service or a concept out and I love it and it changes my life, you can be sure I will write all kinds of great things about it.  It is also prudent to note here that these are generally the things that I stumble into and aren't pushed to me as solicitations.

So, if you're thinking that I somehow want to become an affiliate just for the sake of becoming an affiliate, guess again.  If you think I somehow want to endorse your product just because you think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, think again.

If this sounds harsh to anyone, that is not my problem.  I have to protect the integrity of this blog and of the words I write.  I know from experience that most of the "things" out there that are touted as miracles are not what they are made out to be.  I'm happy for you if you think your "thing" is the greatest, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm convinced it is.

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