Monday, July 20, 2015

There Is More To Life

Some days I go through the hours and I am required to do many tasks that make absolutely no difference in the world or so it seems.  To me, there is more to life.  Unfortunately we all get caught up in the mundane repetitive tasks that we forget this very simple fact.

Whether it is on another one of those endless conference calls listening to people scream and argue and one-up everyone else.  Whether it is reading one of those million emails you're copied on in a day.  Whether it is running errands, picking up the kids or checking Facebook a million times.  There is just too much of our day that is noise and nonsense.

It truly blows my mind how the rat race runs our life.  I don't think it is healthy for humans, yet that doesn't slow us down.  Most people don't know how to slow down and stop and focus on a life that truly matters.

There is more to life.  Our routine days are not our existence or the future of this civilization.  Making a difference in the lives of this planet, our human brothers and sisters, our beloved animals and the overall collective consciousness is what matters.

No one can dictate to us what is important or what matters in our own life.  Only we can know what that is.  However, if we turn a blind eye to it and we chase rainbows and riches, we will never realize there is more to life.

I often think that in the last days of my life, is it going to matter if someone thinks I'm a super tech or a hard worker?  Is it going to matter if someone remembers what I did for some specific task of a project in my life?

Is it going to matter how big of a house I own or how fancy a car I drive or how many electronic gadgets I have?  Is it going to matter what team won what game or what political politician is better than another? At the end of the day, none of these questions matter.

These things that we have and moments that we worry and fret over are not our life.  They are part of our life, but our life is much more than this.  I offer up to you, that we need to get back to a mindset and collective consciousness where we truly understand there is more to life than what we are currently engaged in.

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