Monday, July 27, 2015

Letting Go Is Hard To Do

It seems like I can practice it, but then it comes on with the fury of a storm.  I'm just saying that letting go is hard to do.  Some days are better than others and some days are harder than others.

The stress and frustration level is high, but maybe that's the point.  Maybe it is the lesson I need to learn.  Maybe it is teaching me how to deal with high levels of stress and frustration.  So far, I haven't figured it out, but letting go of the stress and frustration is hard to do.

Disappointment gets to me.  I hate it when other people intentionally let me down.  I try to look past it and I try to move beyond it, but let's face it - letting go is hard to do.  I'm not the only one that struggles with this.  I believe it is part of the human experience.

Through all the experiences in life, it sometimes has been pretty hard to let go.  I've been through some horrible abuse and torture and while I've managed to dump a lot of it, I'm always amazed at how many layers of the onion there is.  It isn't easy and its a continual process of allowing things to surface, work through them, and forgive those moments.

It all ties together.  One moment of frustration and stress is connected to a moment of past experiences.  You can't have one without the other as much as you would wish or hope or desire.  They are connected and so to heal one, you must touch the other.

Sure, we can numb and act as if these things don't exist.  We can act as if they don't affect us physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  This would be a lie.  Most of us lie to ourselves every day and we're not really honest with what is truly taking place in our lives.

Letting go is just not easy.  It is hard to do.  Sometimes it takes great courage and sometimes it just takes perseverance.  The key though is when you're in the middle of those difficult moments of life, don't stop there!  Keep moving on!  Keep trudging through the mud in the swamp to the higher ground.  It is there -  you just have to keep looking.

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