Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We Repeat What We've Been Taught

As young kids, our parents teach us so much.  Our minds are so impressionable at those times and so what is taught to us sticks with us for many years to come.  Whether it is completely true or not, our little minds have no way to discern these things.  It becomes fact for us as small children, long before we even realize it.

Unfortunately as we continue in life, we repeat what we've been taught.  We repeat it as proven fact, even if it is not.  We don't tend to question too much because if we do, we threaten the family unit.  We threaten the bonds that we have within the family unit.  Anything that does not build a cohesive unit is generally not allowed.

There is so much evidence of how we all do this, no matter who we are, or how enlightened we think we are.  Instead of going in and questioning all that was imprinted upon our young minds, we just continue to assume it was fact.  It isn't a matter that our parents are right or wrong, because most likely they were doing the same thing.  They didn't go in and question it either.

You can see this show up in many ways, but the primary examples would have to do with religion, health care, and nutrition.  We are so indoctrinated into these primary examples.  They become our existence in life because we know nothing else. 

How many people do you see in religious upbringings walk away from that which they were born into?  The answer is hardly anyone.  You can say, the child and now adult found true meaning, or you could say that the child believes what was told to them and now continues to believe it as an adult without questioning.  If you feel that is fine, then I would like to challenge you on that.  Question with intensity that which you were brought up with and see if it still applies.  See if those that taught you these things still accept you in their faith and love you, even if you question everything.  You might be surprised at the world beyond.

Nutrition has been taught in a way that really doesn't work in the 21st century.  So much of the facts that we live by in our daily life are really hurting us and are no longer true.  We continue to feed ourselves in unhealthy ways, thinking that some frozen or processed veggies on a salad once in awhile is eating healthy.  We don't get whole foods in and we obliterate so much of what we eat through the processes we use to prepare our food.  We eat too much of substances that are only hurting us, rather than helping us.  We are completely oblivious to what we actually consume and what is healthy for us.

Health care is so bastardized these days.  We don't do what we need to do to take care of ourselves and we have no concept these days of stress and how it impacts our body.  Yet, we keep degrading our physical body to the point where health conditions show up and then we run towards products and procedures that continue the numbing and masking of what we are already doing.  We have a healing power within us, but if we continue to destroy our bodies, that healing power is weakened.  Isn't it amazing that Jesus taught us to take care of our body as a holy temple.

Of course, you can read this and continue on in your life just like you're doing.  You can think I'm nuts and continue as you're doing.  You can discount much of what I say and think you have all the answers.  That is perfectly fine and you're free to do it.

I would just like to challenge you to question all that you do and think.  Does it really meet the test of time?  Does it really do as much for you as you think it does, or are you just buying into the culture that you were raised in?  These questions can be asked of anyone and I think that if we truly want to be all that we can be, these questions are the minimum we should be asking.

So often, we repeat what we've been taught and we fail to realize this.  We are a product of what we were born into.  This is understandable.  I would offer up to you that as adults, it is now our time to begin teaching ourselves what we need to know, not just bathing in what we were taught to know.  It is part of growing and maturing into an adult.

I will leave you with this question.  What will you choose to do with your life?  Will you continue on in the path you have, or will you challenge yourself and all that you are?

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