Comment Policy

While I enjoy heartfelt and well thought comments to the blog posts I write, what I despise is those that feel my blog is an advertising medium for their own internet ventures.  Believe me, it is generally easy to tell the difference!

My blog posts are written to make people think and to get people to think outside of their own paradigms that they live with.  So when a comment gets posted that clearly depicts you really did not read the post, than the warning signs begin going off in my mind.  To all the legitimate people who comment, I'm sorry you have to waste your time reading this.  It is the offenders that I'm speaking to in this post.

So here's my policy on leaving comments on this blog.

  1. All comments are approved before they are published.
  2. Read the blog post first before commenting.
  3. If you're here to advertise your website, you are here for the wrong reason.
  4. No links added to the text of a comment will be published.
  5. Post any URL's in your profile or line provided when commenting.
  6. Make your comment add to the discussion, not take away from it.

What will not get posted

  1. Blatant advertisements in the body of the comment.
  2. Hostile, angry, hurtful responses that do not add to the discussion.
  3. Direct links posted within the body of the comment.
  4. You don't have to agree with me but be respectful.
  5. If you link to a scam site in your name, it won't get posted
  6. Illegal or unethical statements are not allowed.
  7. Comments intended to harm others will not be allowed.
  8. Personal contact info or contact info within the comments

Contact Me

  • You can always contact me through the blog if you wish to share information that you feel would be helpful to the blog. 


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