Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Learning About Unlimited Abundance

I know this subject is one that many struggle with and so did I.  In fact, right now, I'm going through one of those struggles and trying to determine what it is that I am not letting go of in this moment.  Maybe it isn't that easy, but every moment in life is often a time when we can learn more about our life.

Unlimited Abundance is one of those progressions I think.  I don't think you wake up tomorrow and everything is magically different in your life.  Maybe it can be and maybe I am selling the potential in life far too short.  It is my belief however that it is a progression.

Every time I talk about Unlimited Abundance, I always feel like I have to caution the statement with a disclaimer that abundance is more than money.  Too many people think it is money and in many ways, I believe it most likely a result of abundance.  Well, maybe not just cold hard cash money, but that when your life is in sync and you've cleared those energy blocks, the end result becomes the norm.

I know everyone looks at abundance differently, but this is what makes sense for me and what works for me.  I may be a little peculiar in that and if what I say doesn't match up with what you say, then I'm perfectly fine with that.  After all, we're all just on the journey of our lives learning about Unlimited Abundance.

For me though, I know just how far I've grown in this.  It wasn't that long ago that having $100 in my checking account was a major thing.  Heck, I remember when trying to put some gas in my car was a big moment of anxiety for me.  It was rough for many years and by rough, I mean rough.

I still remember the first time I stumbled across Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon and my comments weren't very nice.  In fact, they are no longer published on this blog because they were pretty mean. Yet, somehow I found my own journey through this and began learning about it.

The one thing I learned quickly was how I viewed money and how I viewed myself.  I could also say that in how I viewed abundance (not just money) because I saw a select few that seemed to appear to have everything.  I didn't feel like I could ever find fulfillment in my life or money for that fact.  I thought I was just plain screwed and that everyone out there was out to get me.  I didn't think it would change.

That's where the Unlimited Abundance program came in so helpful with Christie Marie Sheldon on Mind Valley.  It started helping me to confront those energy blocks and allowed me to begin acknowledging them.  Now let me tell you, this was no easy feat in itself.  I was so resistant and so set in my ways that I really didn't want to hear it.

However, I learned that what did I have to lose?  My way wasn't working and it had not worked all my life.  So, if I was so high and mighty that I thought I knew it all, then why wasn't my way working.  That's the point that kicked me in the behind and got me to start changing.  Its the point where I finally said, let me try out what Christie Marie Sheldon is saying.

The rest is history right now and you can read more about some of my experiences with Unlimited Abundance.   I'll highlight a few blog posts that may interest you, so you can see exactly what I went through and how I learned on my own journey.

Each of us is where we need to be in this moment.  Each of us is either ready for some of these things or we are not.  It is not a choice anyone can make for you.  You will either fight and kick and scream or will see if it has any application for your own life.  For me, I kicked and screamed for a long time.  In the end, I decided to test it out on my own life.

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