Monday, July 13, 2015

Don't Get Rid Of Negative People And Things

I see way too much imbalance these days in social media and new age groups.  Everyone thinks that you should get rid of negative people and things in your life.  Every time I see or read that, I cringe.  My hair stands on end and I shutter at the thoughts these people are passing on to others.

We can't always have rainbows every day because a rainbow means the storm clouds have just passed.  In order to see the rainbows, we need to feel the storms and the rain.  It takes the rough parts to see the beautiful parts.  Unfortunately what too many are claiming as "truth" is that they can have the rainbows without the storms.

If you get rid of the negative stuff, you're really just numbing yourself out in life.  It is that plain and simple.  Without the negative and rough and bad stuff, you're only living half a life.  Part of life is pain and the other part is learning from the pain.  Okay, I realize I just simplified things too much, but that's the jest of the issue I'm raising.

If you get rid of the negative stuff, you may be just kicking the teachers in your life out the door.  You may be exiling them to oblivion because they don't fit in your happy world of numbing.  Unfortunately when you kick them to the door by ignoring them, you are robbing yourself of so much you can learn in life.  You are robbing yourself of experiences that you can grow from.

I'm not saying all of life should be negative.  I'm not saying that you should spend all your time in negative situations.  What I am trying to say is that you embrace the negative.  Don't shun it.  Give it one big continuous hug, because it needs light and love.  Don't shy away from it because you can't feel it.  Instead, embrace every part of the pain and hurt and sadness it may bring.  For through those moments, you will be taught much more than you possibly can see in this moment.

It is human nature to numb out and only look for happy things.  It is human nature to avoid the pain and difficult moments we may be facing.  You cannot fully experience life until you embrace these moments, both negative and positive.

Life is about good and bad, rough and smooth, difficult moments and happy filled times.  Life is a combination of all things and it waxes and wanes throughout our years.  Each new moment gives us opportunities to grow and then to rest.

Let us not just embrace the happy filled times, but let us fully experience those moments where we become weary and bruised to the bone.  In those moments, we become real and human and a powerful force that helps illuminate the path ahead for all those around us.

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