Monday, November 16, 2015

Not All Smoothies Are Equal

Some days I read stuff that comes through my social media feed and I do the eye roll.  Recently I read a post about using all kinds of different ingredients in your smoothies that I would really question.  Of course, it didn't take me long to see what company "was pushing" their products in the smoothies.

Maybe the ideas that these people are pushing have merit.  Unfortunately, if you started asking them questions about what each particular thing did and why they included it, I've got a feeling the answers would be shallow at best.  On top of that, I'm not so sure some of these things put in a blender and blended at high speed is necessarily a good thing.

On top of that, I saw "frozen fruit" or other similar types of ingredients being put into the blender.  Okay, if you just want to have something that tastes good, go ahead.  If you want your smoothie for healing abilities and nutrition, then it isn't the best thing.  Freezing foods changes and alters the chemical structure.

This is one thing that I like from what I have learned with Jeff Primack.  You can read about every ingredient that goes into the smoothie and so you know exactly why it is that way.  It isn't just a recipe of whatever foodstuff you have in your kitchen.  There is a reason for it and a very important reason that has been tested and tried by thousands of people.

The other thing I like about Food Based Healing Smoothies with Jeff Primack is that he isn't selling your products to put in there.  You can grow or buy every ingredient and you know exactly what it is.  There isn't a pyramid scheme to get you to buy and use more product.  I'm sure if Jeff Primack prepackaged some things, that he could make a lot of money in a year, but that is not the purpose of the smoothie.  That's just a recipe for greed in my view.

If your desire is to drink a delicious beverage with some various things in it, by all means, go and make your "product" pushed smoothie.  Just don't act like it is the healthiest thing out there because I don't believe it is.  That's my soapbox!

If your desire is to drink healing and healthy smoothies, try learning why you need to add certain WHOLE foods and what their purpose is.  Please note that I said WHOLE foods because you're not going to get the much-needed phytochemicals and other nutrients through frozen, processed, or prepackaged ingredients - and that is what matters the most!

Want to really supercharge your learning on smoothies, go to Food-Based Healing.

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