Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Refuse

I'm writing this long before it is published, but it will most likely be relevant at any time it is posted.  In today's age, we have become hatemongers with one another.

We don't care about another point of view or belief.  We just demand that ours is the correct one and all others are wrong.

So today, I state the following.

Join with me if you plan to do the same.

I Refuse!

  • I refuse to partake in the hate-mongering that is thriving online.  If I cannot say something nice about someone, I will be silent.
  • I refuse to partake in the sensationalized drama that is spread through ridiculous social media postings with its only intent is to get you to click on something.
  • I refuse to partake in one-sided arguments where facts are omitted, but belief and opinion are the only arguments.
  • I refuse to propagate pictures and images and social media posts that demean any group or political ideology or persons that are different than me.
  • I refuse to spread false lies and innuendo just because someone on social media claims it is true.  I will check the facts out and if I cannot verify it, I will not spread it forward.
  • I refuse to pass claims along that appear to be valid, but have no basis in fact or ones that have been proven to be untrue.  I will take a minute to think before I forward and like a social media posting.
  • I refuse to add more screaming and yelling to the mix of social media, especially when no one is listening to anyone but themselves.
  • I refuse to live my life on social media because even though I may have connections, I know that it is the true friends you can see and talk to in life that make a big difference.
  • I refuse to get worked up about every social media posting just because the crowd has their pitchforks raised in the air and chanting in unison.

Social media is a good way to help advance things in the world, but lately all I have seen is a place that is degrading to humanity.  The only way we can rise above all of this is if we don't propagate on that which we despise and hate.

If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

You can expect my social media posts to be respectful, compassionate and hopefully ones that help others heal and advance their lives.  If I fail in this regard, please private message me and show me where I failed.  I will try to correct it immediately. 

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  1. I am with you!!!! M

  2. I really had to refrain on Social Media over the elections —— people are narrow minded and some people spout off things without knowing facts I decided to not partake in any arguments.

    1. And the thing I find is that all those who feel they are right and others are wrong, really diminish every human. We have to learn how to come together with love and see each other as valuable members of this earth, not just adversaries. It won't end good if we continue down this path.






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