Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Are We Too Busy For Others?

I see example after example of this every day in our society.  Is the busyness of our lives so important that we are too busy for others?  Can we not take a moment of our day and reach out to someone that maybe a brief word would pick up their day?

I know, we've all got our things to do.  The task and project list grows with every minute.  The kids have this activity.  The group we are evolved with needs our help and assistance.  The job demands our time and this is before we get any of the much needed "me" time.

Yet, I wonder if we are we keeping ourselves so busy that it becomes a distraction to life.  It is easy to do because when things are happening one after another, you truly don't have to feel the things you may want to try to avoid.  It is easier to function when there is no feelings and emotions that you have to struggle to want to invite into your daily life.

The only thing is if we are keeping ourselves so busy that we fail to live our own life, there is a good chance we are too busy for others.  If we are putting the needs of others ahead of our own, then this is not healthy either.  There needs to be a balance.

We need each other in this life and this world to make it through the rough times and to celebrate the glorious times.  Without others and being too busy for others in this regards, we are limping through our days on one leg, not both.


We may want to stop and evaluate where our life is and what is important.  Are we truly too busy for others, or are we just not using our time in the best way that we should.  Resting and stopping and playing is so needed in these days.  If we neglect those, we are only watching life pass us by.

Let us learn to not be too busy for others and our self.  There is great joy and comfort in enjoying life's beauty that is all around us.

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