Thursday, November 3, 2016

Take Time Out To Rest Each Day

I read a tweet online today by Allan Beveridge (@TheTwinPowers) and I completely agree with him.  It is great to take a few minutes out our busy day and just rest.  Allow the mind to calm down and stop.  Allow silence to fill the air.

We don't do this enough in our day.  We go from early morning to late at night, never stopping to take a moments breath.  It is the way of our country and even though we think we are being productive, I believe we are physically hurting ourselves.

One such way as I shared in this tweet to @TheTwinPowers, is I go out and lay in my hammock at various times during the day.  Sometimes it is for a few minutes, just to rest my eyes and brain.  Sometimes if I'm feeling a little sleepy, a few minutes in my hammock has me up and running again.

In fact, if I take a few minutes out and just stop, I am far more productive and I can get much more done in a short amount of time.  My creativity increases.  My stress levels go down.  My body feels empowered and energized, rather than run down and drained.

I do understand that most people working in an office or place of business can't just go out to their hammock and take a rest.  Actually I think all places should have something like this because I think it would help overall productivity of the company.

If you have no option to do this, try taking a few minutes on a break or at lunch to just walk outside and feel the sun or the wind on your face.  Walk away from your desk and just focus on feeling your breath for a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the office.  It doesn't take much to do this.  Just notice your breath for 30 seconds and see how you feel when you're finished.

If you are chained to your desk and not allowed to leave, then try and stretch your legs out and just focus on what that feels like for a few minutes.  Try to stretch your arms up to the ceiling and breathe in and out as you raise and lower them.  Scrunch your neck and shoulders up feeling the tension and then let them drop down.  Even a few minutes once an hour doing these things can help.

I'm telling you though, if you don't have a hammock, you're missing out!  I love laying out in mine and just watching the clouds drift by, the squirrels run on the back fence and the birds and butterflies fly all over the place.

I was thinking that I could even get a hammock and put it in the house for when the days are cold, dreary or rainy.  Now that would be fine living in my view!

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