Friday, November 11, 2016

Some Days I Struggle

I know with all that I've been through in the past that life is not necessarily easy.  I have my good days and bad days.  Sometimes the struggles of the past come up to haunt me and work hard at pulling me under.

Sometimes people try to make it look like all they have are great days, but I know that this is anything but the truth.  I get irked when people try to paint happy thoughts while you're in the midst of the mud and muck making your way to dry ground.

We need more people who are honest and real, instead of those that try to gloss over the moments of difficulty and pain.  The pain has to come out and the more we hold it in, the more we harm our mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  

Below is a list of things I struggle with in no particular order.  I know, we all have our list of things.  I'm just verbalizing mine.  They appear in no special order.

My hope is that by verbalizing mine, it will start a conversation to help others share their lists and give them some measure of healing.  We need one another to lean on, not to chastise and brush off.

I struggle to:

  • Accept the quietness of friends who barely speak to me at times wondering if I've done something wrong or they are just lost in their own moments of life.
  • Find a way to make it in this world on a consistent basis even though I know I have many talents and skills.
  • Do the things I want, not necessarily the things that I have to do.
  • Feel the disappointment of those I look up to who don't feel I measure up.
  • Accept the pain of a past that is so horrifying that it is difficult to even think about or view some days.
  • Deal with those that desire to take advantage of my niceness because they can't balance their needs and desires and honesty in being human.
  • Know that my biological family thinks I'm the worst person around because I dared to spill their secrets by trying to heal my own life.
  • Grasp everything that I've experienced in life because often it is so overwhelming and too difficult to understand or comprehend.
  • Try and hide all the triggers that possess me while trying to heal and remove the power they hold over me.
  • Understand why people who claim to have been my friend in the past desire to walk all over me as if I'm nothing more than a doormat for their life.
  • Realize that anyone loves me and that I truly matter even if I know I they do and even if there are some that show they love and care about me.
  • Find answers in the many questions that my mind does not seem to solve or my life seems to demand to know.
  • Understand why I hear, sense, feel and see so much but yet it all seems all like a confusing mass of information that I can barely process.
  • Comprehend how people can be so mean to one another and not even realize it while they shout insults with such force and velocity and exclamation.
  • Make sense of a world that honors religious beliefs but yet those same religious beliefs are hurled as arrows against others, while harboring their own faults in a safe harbor as if they don't exist.
  • Understand how to forgive all the pain that was inflicted upon me when the ones who did it act as if it was okay, they are righteous, and I'm the one that caused the problem - not them.
  • Not fully understand why others cannot see what I can see and understand what it is that I understand.  It all seems so simple, but to others, it is not.
  • Write the words that will help the most because it feels like my words are never enough in a world of turmoil, torture, pain, and disrespect.
I continue to work on these things each day because as I know, I'm a work in progress.  I know that we aren't on this earth to just wait out our days until we die.  We are here with a purpose, but sometimes that purpose is so clouded by what we've endured in life.

I'm not one that settles for what is or for the easy meme and saying that will magically make everything seem like it has disappeared and is better.  Instead, I'm one that keeps questioning and going deep within myself to learn more, grow more, and understand more.

Yes, some days I struggle, but it in that struggle that I remind myself - I'm becoming more than I am today.

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  1. Expressed so well as always. Most of your struggles I feel too. I would like to add...I struggle to find a way, or some meaningful words, to be supportive to POC, LGBTQ, and minority groups. I struggle to find the words that at times float in my mind, and when the opportunity arises they disappear, because I know that words can be so powerful. I struggle with silence born of fear, as a white straight woman in a small world of white men and women that I can not understand, wishing I could connect with others in a meaningful way. I will continue to work on these...

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Yes, it is a struggle... and the more we work on it - the better we all will be. I believe it has a cumulative effect.






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