Thursday, November 24, 2016

Can You Be Thankful

It is easy to be thankful when things are going well and times are good.  When moments are sailing by in smooth winds and calm waters, it is one things.  However, can you be thankful in the moments that are anything but easy and calm and smooth?

In those moments where it appears all hope is loss and there is no way to go on, how do we react?   There are many moments in life which will test us and try us and push us to our limits. When the storms of life blow hard against our days, can we be thankful?

There are moments where we look at the world around us and we see all the horror and killing and cheating and stealing.  We see the moments where it looks like all is collapsing in this world.  We see moments where we can hardly believe our eyes.  Can you be thankful in these times?

It may sound strange to be thankful in times of misery, despair and horrors.  Yet, if we are only thankful when things go well, aren't we missing out?  Even in the worst of situations and the most trying of times, there is always something to be thankful for.

You may have to look hard...

Yes, you may have to look hard and carefully for those thankful moments.  They may be nothing more than a little spec you see.  If you don't see them or attempt to see them, they may float by and you may likely miss all that is there.

Being thankful in the difficult times is the tough part.  It is the part that asks us to stretch ourselves beyond the moment we are in and look towards a future where there is hope and possibility.  It is a moment where we attempt to see much more than we realize is there.

Don't just be thankful in the good moments and bountiful times!  Find a way to be thankful in the days that attempt to pull you under and take you down.  Your thankfulness will be an energy that may help propel you forward.

Look for the thankful moments.  Look for all that you have going for you, because in current moments, we don't always see everything that lies before us.  It is through a thankful heart, that we become more than we are at and journey into more than we can see.

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