Sunday, December 4, 2016

Top 10 Ways To Be Annoying On Twitter

It is getting crazy on Twitter.  I quit Facebook some time ago because I was tired of the useless nonsense that everyone posted.  Twitter is about the same, but you can scroll through it a lot quicker.  Instagram is getting to the point, it is just as bad as Twitter and Facebook.

I would so love it if these social media sites would be worth something, but I'm really questioning if they are worth the time.  So, out of my frustration, I'm writing this blog post on "how to be annoying on twitter".  This goes for Facebook and the others as well.

Top 10 Ways To Be Annoying On Twitter

  1. Sending auto direct messages to everyone that follows you.  After all, they don't see enough direct messages in a day.
  2. Don't follow up with the auto direct messages you send out.  After all, your beautiful message making it look like you care about a new follower, often it means nothing.  I've tried responding to several only to never hear from the person. 
  3. Play the unfollow/follow game because people just love to have you follow them only to see you unfollow quickly especially after you pledged your complete adoration for them in a direct message.  
  4. Post links to websites that are only designed to get you to sign up on a mailing list long before you even know what they are about. 
  5. Post links to websites that have a thousand popup ads and windows that appear when you try to read the nonexistent article you led them to believe they were looking for. 
  6. Display pictures that are designed to make you think OMG!  They are nothing more than attention getting and most of the time so disgusting that who in their right mind would want to see them. 
  7.  If someone didn't see your annoying pictures the first 1000 times, coming back and following them as another twitter user is sure to annoy them even more by posting them under additional accounts you have.
  8. Thinking that everyone wants to see pornographic pictures in their news feed especially when they are in public.  I mean, who would want a small child looking over your shoulder on a plane seeing the porn stuff you post when you don't want it in the first place.
  9. Making sure that everyone knows your political or religious views regardless of what they are. 
  10. Constantly spreading memes around on Twitter that really don't mean much, but the words jumbled together sound pretty. 

I'm sure there are more that any of us could list.  I try my hardest to put information up that I believe is useful to the population in general.  I'm sure there are those that don't agree with my views on some of the issues I write about, but they are more than welcome to leave those comments on my blog.

Unfortunately, we've reduced life and the human existence down to a 140 characters meme that we forward to our followers.  It seems that we don't value life any more than that, but we will scream and exclaim we do.

Maybe its time we evaluate our role in all of this, not the role others play.  For if we add to the problem, we're no better than the ones we scream about on twitter.

I know, I'm trying.  Maybe I fail at times as well, but I'm trying!


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