Saturday, December 3, 2016

Finding That Sense Of Calmness

It isn't easy these days in a world full of turmoil and screaming.  Finding that sense of calmness and peace within us feels as difficult right now as hearing the winds of a category 3 hurricane slam the house walls.  You hope and you pray that your walls stand strong, but even doubts enter your mind.

I consider myself a person that can find that place of peace and calmness, but these days and in the past several months, my own life has been hit with so much.  It has become hard for me to find that place and know that I am all that I am.

It isn't easy to travel through the days and months, seeing what you once believe in or felt or who you once knew, ditch you and ignore you or run from you.  When you stand up at the moment of truth and you see everything disappear, it is difficult to find that sense of calmness.

Don't stop walking...

I'm not saying you can't find the sense of calmness.  I'm just saying, it is not always easy.  Should we give up trying - NO!  Should we hunker down - MAYBE!  Most of all, don't stop walking, even if you are only taking steps are almost too impossible to see.

Finding that sense of calmness is not about what others tell you it should be.  It is not what social media or the rest of the world says it should be.  That calmness is your inner sense of being and what you know to be true for yourself in that moment.  All else, does not matter.

I look forward to calmer days and I try to be an optimist thinking that they still exist.  Yet, there are moments when I cannot get myself to believe this is still true.  I must remind myself daily to keep looking forward so that I will be once again reunited with a sense of calmness.

These days and times are tough, but stay true to yourself.  Learn to really be true to yourself in all things, and not just those things you currently know.  Often times, what we think is true today, is not true tomorrow because we don't see today what we can see tomorrow.


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