Sunday, December 11, 2016

Why We Aren't Making It In Life?

Sometimes we question why we aren't making it or why there isn't more in our life.  I know I've done that both in my fulfillment of a day and abundance.

Yet, we fail to look at how we are holding ourselves back or keeping that fulfillment and abundance out of reach.

I know, I know - if you're like me,  you feel like you are doing all you can.  Whether it is in healing or finances or a career, we as humans tend to see all we are doing as if it is magnified through a distorted mirror.

Yet, in some ways we might be fooling ourselves.

Now, I know that sometimes we are doing everything we can and it isn't enough.  Sometimes we may be in a holding pattern waiting for more learning to take place before we take the next step.  Sometimes we need to just rest and we prepare for what comes ahead.

If I pause and look a few moments later...

There are so many times for me that when I feel like I'm not making it in life, if I pause and look a few moments later, I see that I actually am.  It may just not feel like it in that moment.  It may feel like we're struggling when we're taking more steps than we know.

Often I realize that I don't have control over everything in my life even though I trick myself into believing that I do.  The one thing I do have control over is how I put the effort into what I do and what I do when I've been bruised to the bone in life.  These parts I do have control over.

So, instead of wondering why we aren't making it in life, maybe we would be better served to see just how we are making it in life.  Maybe this is the lesson we need to see.

Maybe, it is the moment that helps us understand what is to come.  Let us not take despair in where we think we have not gone yet, but in how far we have made it on our journey.


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