Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Was Lifted Up From My Own Pain

It has been a struggle this week.  So much has happened that I personally don't agree with, but then I see the human side show the dark ugliness that this world has to offer.  The pain and fear I felt were horrible.  They were overwhelming.  I wondered how I could deal with what I was experiencing.

After hiding in my own cave, I tried reaching out to others a little.  Trying to offer a little support, I just gave that hello.  When I did, I found out a few people that really reached back to me.

Out of my pain and fear, I noticed that they offered their support.  I was lifted up from my own pain because while I was trying to be there for them, they were there for me.

All too often we tell others what they should do or how they should feel or act.  We dictate what they should believe or think.  We demand that they see we are right while condemning them for being wrong.  It only inflicts more pain and hurt and division on each and everyone of us.  It only makes us less human when we do this.

It is in the support we offer to others...

To rise up as humans and be all that we can, it is in the support we offer to others, without judgment or ridicule.  It is with a compassionate heart of love, not one that merely talks the talk, but fully walks the walk that pushes us to greater heights.

I often am confused and amazed at how people demand others believe the way they do and if they don't, there is something wrong with them.  They shun them for how they feel or what they believe.  Yet, they want others to follow them.  How can we do both of these things at the same time and expect a different result?

Each one of us has to answer for what we do with our lives.  It is up to us whether we truly show love to every person all the time, or its just something we practice on Sundays and when it is beneficial to our own life.

Love and compassion and caring is not something we do occasionally.  It should be who we are at the core.  While many feel they are this way, the evidence in this world shows how misled we all are.

It is time that we learn to support one another through the good and the bad.  It is time that we learn how to reach out to one another with love and compassion, not with hatred and self-righteousness as our moral compass.

This all reminds me of the song by Brian Wilson, Love And Mercy.
Hey, love and mercy, that's what we need tonight
So love and mercy to you and your friends tonight
Love and mercy, that's what you need tonight
Love and mercy tonight
Love and mercy tonight

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